Starting Weight



  • Sandylovesm
    Sandylovesm Posts: 242 Member
    currently at 154lbs (70kg) and I'm 5''0. Starting today! :)
  • melbann
    melbann Posts: 115 Member
    Hello, my starting weight was 221.8

    Yesterday I weighed in at 214.4 (lost 7.4 lbs my first week go me!) so I guess this would be my stating weight for this group! Oh and I am 5' 2" in case you need my height.
  • 203 5'2
  • Sw: 139.5 lbs
    Gw: 120

    How do I download that weightloss numberline??
  • I finally figured out how to add the ticker! Now I'm really excited! Btw- profile pic is old it's only for inspiration. ;)
  • raindancer
    raindancer Posts: 993 Member
    SW: 238 5'6
  • karen_thinmint
    karen_thinmint Posts: 472 Member
    Is it too late to join?

    I'm 150.2 this morning :)
  • kimjutjor
    kimjutjor Posts: 387 Member
    1/15/14: 212.4 (Wednesday is my official weigh-in day when I have access to my same scales)
    Height: 5'4"
    Goal for this challenge: 190 pounds, loss of 22.4 pounds
  • robynw143
    robynw143 Posts: 65 Member
    Nope all is welcome to join
  • SunnyDuckling
    SunnyDuckling Posts: 204 Member
    I really hope it's not too late to join, I only just found this group! *bites lip*

    Mondays are my weekly weigh-ins anyhow, so this works for me. AND the Biggest Loser Australia 2014 just started this weekend - so it's timely! :bigsmile:

    Monday 20 January
    Starting weight : 104.9kg [] 231.26 lbs
    Height : 173cm [] 5'8.5"
  • lemonshredding
    lemonshredding Posts: 71 Member
    Starting and highest weight 63.75kg
  • kabrube2
    kabrube2 Posts: 21 Member
    198.4 5'4"
  • lemonshredding
    lemonshredding Posts: 71 Member
    Sorry and heigh is 5'9
  • ccdawn112
    ccdawn112 Posts: 2 Member
    Hoping it is not to late. Just found this group and started back up with MFP

    March 4th
    Starting weight is 200lbs
    Height is 5'4