Weigh in 1/20/14

robynw143 Posts: 65 Member
Please weigh in here

Starting weight
Current weight

Any nsv's

Good luck!


  • SunnyDuckling
    SunnyDuckling Posts: 204 Member
    Starting Weight & Current weight is the same as I only just discovered this group.

    Monday 20 January: 104.9kg = 231.26 lbs

    NSV: Got up at 5.30 this morning to go for a 3km walk. (1.875 mi)
  • lemonshredding
    lemonshredding Posts: 71 Member
    What are NSVs? I will post my starting and current weight here tomorrow :)
  • SunnyDuckling
    SunnyDuckling Posts: 204 Member
    What are NSVs? I will post my starting and current weight here tomorrow :)

    NSV - Non-Scale Victory. Because getting healthier doesn't always need to be about the number on the scale. :wink:
  • Darrelkun
    Darrelkun Posts: 152 Member

    Starting weight (6/2012): 245.5 pounds
    Current weight (1/20/2014): 206.5 pounds

    - I can touch my elbow to my opposite knee when doing standing twists
    - I can touch my toes with my opposite hand when kicking forward
    - I've lost 5 inches on my shoulders, 2 in my chest, 3.5 in my waist and 5.5 inches in my hips.
  • raindancer
    raindancer Posts: 993 Member

    NSV: I managed to maintain on this busy w-end.
  • zoetewijn
    zoetewijn Posts: 121
    SW. 175
    CW. 170

    NSV I am drinking more water.....
  • 2014NewBodyNewMe
    2014NewBodyNewMe Posts: 57 Member
    SW 200
    CW 198
  • katheymac
    katheymac Posts: 9 Member
    Starting Weight - 167
    Current Weight - 167

    Just starting so they are both the same.

    Good luck to everyone!
  • karen_thinmint
    karen_thinmint Posts: 470 Member
    Start/Current 150.2
    Team Purple!
  • melbann
    melbann Posts: 115 Member
    Team PINK!

    Starting Weight: 214.4 lbs
    Current Weight: 212.6 lbs
    Weight Lost: 1.8 lbs

    Proud of that considering the last weigh in was from Wednesday, not even a full week ago.

    - I put on a dress I wore a few weeks ago that was tight on my stomach then. Today is just glided down my stomach without clinging to it tightly! Surprising what a week and a half of healthy eating can do.
  • ivydenis1
    ivydenis1 Posts: 5 Member
    Beginning weight 219.4
    Current weight 213.2

    NSV: I'm still on track and haven't had a soda in 3 weeks!
  • Hi - Starting weight January 4, 2014 was 270
    Joining group January 15, 2014 starting weight was 261.8
    Today Monday January 20 weight is 259.8

    NSV- pants are siding down a bit. Yeah! Good luck all but special good luck team PURPLE!!!!:glasses:
  • Darrelkun
    Darrelkun Posts: 152 Member
    Ugh can't edit my post from earlier. Wanted to share another NSV; jogged for the first time this year, and I did almost a whole mile (0.9) nonstop. ^^ I'm really happy to see what weight loss can do! And this inspires me for our challenges to come!
  • jeskuhsmeekers
    jeskuhsmeekers Posts: 131 Member
    SW 207
    CW 207 to be specific today is 207.8 i don't know what the decimal one my starting weight was.
    NSV i feel better and eating the right things i getting easier. I don't feel as deprived as i did
  • Ivymarie75
    Ivymarie75 Posts: 80 Member
    1/20/14 199.4
  • robynw143
    robynw143 Posts: 65 Member
    Starting Weight 1/15/14: 232.4
    Current Weight 1/20/14: 233.4
  • lemonshredding
    lemonshredding Posts: 71 Member
    Starting, current and heighest weight: 63.75kg :(
    Let me know what team I'm on good luck all! X
  • So: 140
    Cw: 140

  • Sw: 140lbs
    Cw: 140lbs

  • LizzieGirl14
    LizzieGirl14 Posts: 20 Member
    SW: 232
    CW: 226.2

    NSV: Fought through exhaustion, asthma, and aches and didn't miss a single walk or workout during my 6 day break from work. :)