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NyeMye Posts: 138 Member
Hello to All Mommies Out There,

I am in the process of losing 30- 40 pounds... yikes! Some of it is baby weight that has yet to shed (my children are 2 and 8 months old), but some of it is the same pre-pregnancy 15 pounds that I've been wanting to get rid of. I'm looking for some moms in my situation to hold me accountable. I am serious about this journey now that I'm winding down breastfeeding. (When I breastfeed, I just keep the weight on.) I've begun to go to the gym a few times a week as well as eat healthier. I'm very serious about getting back to a healthy weight. If you are serious as well, please add me. I need some positive support and, in return, I will encourage you.

I look forward to making some new mom friends. :)



  • ProjectYummyMummy
    ProjectYummyMummy Posts: 98 Member

    I'm looking to lose about 50lbs by end of June. (Talk about YIKES!) I still haven't gotten the hang of prioritizing myself after my youngest was born nearly 15 months ago. (I'm not sure if I can attribute that to "baby weight".) But I feel you. Please feel free to accept my friend request.
  • marianamoya
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    I was 175lbs pre-pregnacy so was already 45lbs over weight ..had baby in june I was at 220 lbs have lost 30 by breast feeding alone and about 13lbs by dieting now I'm trying to lose the weight all 45lbs left that I can't blame on pregnacy... so im with you girls lets do this :)
  • sopranomama
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    Hey ladies,

    I'm in the same boat as the rest of you - about 40 pounds overweight before I got pregnant with my son, and still have 15 post-baby pounds to lose for a grand total of 55 pounds between me and my goal. I've really committed to MFP since the beginning of the month and I would love to add some friends!