Workout Songs

rheannaraye Posts: 62 Member
Hi, All!
I want to make a MFP playlist for working out. I like all kinds of music, but am getting bored with the mix I have made for the gym. So, I'm opening up the floor to all of you: what are your top three workout songs? Annnddd GO!


  • linaeve
    linaeve Posts: 9 Member
    Control - Puddle of Mudd
    If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback
    Take Me Under - Three Days Grace
  • StunningLegerity
    StunningLegerity Posts: 193 Member
    Anything by Rise Against!
  • annastasia_82
    annastasia_82 Posts: 940 Member
    It totally depends on what I'm doing.

    If its cardio: Pop, Electronic, old school 80's and 90's pop. Anything totally up beat, if it makes me wanna dance its a winner

    If I'm lifting: Bands like Seether, Theory of a Dead Man, Puddle of Mud, Metallica. Its got have an edge to it and maybe be a little angry
  • RockWarrior84
    RockWarrior84 Posts: 840 Member
    Here is s start

    eminem- lose yourself
    Scorpions- rock you like a hurricane
    survivor- eye of the tiger
    Anything Disturbed
    Saliva- Clikc Click Boom
    Trapt- head strong
    Skillet- Moster
    Skillet- Hero
    crossfade- cold
    coheed and cambria- welcome home
    bush- machine head
    Filter- hey man nice shot
    Filter- trip like i do
    Godsmack- Moon Baby
    Godsmack- I stand alone
    pop evil- trenches
    Rob zombie- Superbeast
    Static-x - Cold
    Three Days Grace- Break
    Three Days grace- Animal I have become
    Stabbing westward- save yourself
    Skrillex- bangarang
    Korn w/ skrillex- narcissistic cannibal
    red- release the panic
    rev theory- justice
    Sick Puppies- your going down
  • jessicabellin12
    jessicabellin12 Posts: 6 Member
    Anything by Eminem.
  • amylittle1213
    amylittle1213 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi :)
    For Cardio I use upbeat remixes of today's pop/hip-hop

    and for weight lifting I seriously only listen to the same music over and over lol it's CAKED UP remixes of songs. It's trap music but it totally gets me in the mood for lifting. Here is an example!
  • Its_Tink_Boo
    Eminem, bayonce flawless, wild wild love pitbull, stay high by; hippie sabotage
  • StephyA86
    StephyA86 Posts: 68 Member
    I LOVE using to find awesome workout mixes. They give you a free credit a month, so it's free if you're patient and pretty cheap if you're not! :)
  • linzspence
    linzspence Posts: 16 Member
    I generally use Pandora or 8tracks (I've run into some streaming issues from 8tracks recently) when I'm walking or jogging. for my cool down and stretching, I like to use Modern Meditations. They have pop songs that are relaxed and instrumental. Perfect for stretching.
  • SalemBoSox88
    Riot- Three Days Grace
    Send The Pain Below- Chevelle
    Die Young- Ke$ha
  • robingoblin
    robingoblin Posts: 46 Member
    The world needs to know about this amazing website --


    I am seriously obsessed. Free 30, 60, 120+ minute playlists, sorted by genre and beats per minute (basically: fast paced energetic songs, and REALLY fast paced energetic songs)! I love it! They really saved my workouts!
  • QueenOSpades
    QueenOSpades Posts: 171 Member
    For the first song of your workout, I recommend "Survival" from Muse. (The London Olympic theme song).
    It jsut get's you so inspired. :)
  • chezza189
    chezza189 Posts: 25 Member
    One of my favourite things to do in the world, is to get a new album, upload it to my music device and then spend my entire workout getting lost in the album. It is really relaxing and it allows me to do things at once, work on my body and work on my music knowledge.
  • karmac0matic
    karmac0matic Posts: 285
    i've really liked listening to AWOLNATION when working out (through the whole album), as well as:

    -Pendulum (awesome dnb music, great motivator)

    -Knife Party (same guys from Pendulum in a house-electro genre)

    -Nickelback albums, especially "Here and Now", there are some great songs for getting pumped up. I especially like the ones about "sexy girls" because it makes me feel like working out is getting me that much closer to becoming one ;)

    -30 Seconds to Mars' first album/2nd album both have very grungy sounds which makes them awesome for tough workouts. Their more recent albums, not so much.