Had my first competition yesterday!!!

paj315 Posts: 335 Member
I had my very first stong(wo)man competition yesterday. I competed in novice women and placed 5th out of 7. which I was happy with considering ive only been training for strongman since october! I pr'd in every event except one! The events were last man standnig log press (the one that i didn't pr in!) I got up 110# (My max had been 115#), max deadlift in one minute at 230# (I got 20), Husafell carry I got second out of 7 in this one, farmers hold at 140 per hand, and choose your stone reps in one min, weight beats reps I could do 180# but ended up using the 160# stone!

I loved it and can't wait until my next competition!


  • Fittreelol
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    Woot! Great to hear. Do you have your next show planned out? Also 20 deadlifts at any weight make me feel a little lightheaded. Nice going.
  • paj315
    paj315 Posts: 335 Member
    The next show even close to me is not until July. But I am going to try for a power lifting meet in April. Yeah I was pretty wiped out after 20 but the chick that won that event got 30!!!
  • Shawshankcan
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    You went from not being able to budge the 150lb stone to using the 160 in a comp in less than a month?
  • paj315
    paj315 Posts: 335 Member
    Yes I guess so. Actually was able to do the 180# just ended up doing the reps with the 160#. The only place I've had to practice stones is in an unheated barn at my gym. So my tacky has never really worked properly for me until this indoor comp this past weekend. Tacky makes ALL the difference, also I probably had a pretty good amount of adrenaline pumping!!