One Run for Boston

Found this yesterday, and there are two 10-12mi legs of it where I'm at, but they are both in between my HMs lol. Check it out!


  • davemunger
    davemunger Posts: 1,139 Member
    That is pretty cool. Looks like Oklahoma could use some runners though! I'd definitely try it if it came through North Carolina!
  • RunnerElizabeth
    RunnerElizabeth Posts: 1,091 Member
    I could run the last stage.... it's 4 miles, and it starts at the Harvard stadium which is an easy 1 mile run from my house. If I run the 4 miles home too, it could serve as my long run for the day. I'll have to think about this.
  • KeithAngilly
    KeithAngilly Posts: 575 Member
    I signed up last year, but couldn't make the day...I am considering it again this year. There are actually quite a few options for me where I live.
  • Stoshew71
    Stoshew71 Posts: 6,553 Member
    They skipped over Alabama and Tennesee. No legs in my area.
  • KateRunsColorado
    KateRunsColorado Posts: 407 Member
    Totally cool - but sad that they aren't going through Colorado!
  • TheBrolympus
    TheBrolympus Posts: 586 Member
    Very cool, wish it came closer to Dallas. The stages in OK are just a little too far away.