Chapter ONE

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Lets get this group GOING!
I have included all of you in my prayers this week. I wonder what your favorite part is of Chapter ONE.

For me, it helps to know that this body is just on is Jesus' body...bought and paid for with his blood. How silly that it is easier for me to take better care of something that is NOT mine. I take better care of books I borrow from others, I take better care of tools I borrow. NOW I will take better care of this body.

What is the big thing that impacted YOU from Chapter one???


  • grace4u2receive
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    I would agree with being good stewards over our body, something I have been realizing.

    My favorite parts are when he is talking about the five essential components and says. "When you have God and a group helping you, you now have far more than willpower helping you make positive changes, and you are far more likely to stay consistant. Let me be clear: There is no magic pill, no quick fix, no instant formula, and no shortcut that will make you healthy overnight. You must make wise choices every day."

    I also like the section on page 22, under "You identify with your unhealthy habits." I understand page 23, where it talks about, "You have an enemy who wants to discourage you." Since I used to think weight loss was impossible, so why try. That and having other believers at church telling me I didn't need to lose weight. Did they not want to be convicted of changes they also needed to make?

    I look forward to Chapter 2 and doing this journey with my family in Christ!

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