Need the second component of secret sauce?

The secret sauce is found in the first Chapter of The Daniel Plan! Here is a place to post requests for those wanting to get more connected! Let's help make The Daniel Plan be more effective in our lives!

If you need the second component, please post and check back often! Sorry don't mean to be so secretative, but want to get you digging in the book! It wouldn't be a secret if I wrote it for everyone to see!


  • mjterp
    mjterp Posts: 655 Member
    LOVIN' me some SECRET SAUCE!!!

    I promise to be here daily. I already said a prayer for y'all this morning. SO LETS GET BUSY and DO THIS!!!

    My goal is for these to be lifestyle changes. PERMANENT changes. IT WORKS.

    I will admit that I am having trouble with the small group Daniel plan at church, which is why I am seeking for y'all here. Wishing I could find a partner in crime to hit the gym or streets with...but for now, I will be thrilled with the like minded friends I make here!

    Blessings to you ALL!