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Hi all! My name is Liz and I wanted to introduce myself. I workout at home everyday. I have always done home based workouts, I tried the gym and just wasn't comfortable.

Currently I am doing a 30 day challenge from It is available on their website or through youtube and it is a daily 12 minute HIIT workout and it is crazy killer. Since starting it 2 weeks ago my clothes are fitting far better and my muscles are pumping. I also do the workouts available on my ON Demand Cable. I love lifting, kickboxing, HIIT, and playing outside.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the group and I am glad I stumbled across it ;)


  • crsawinton
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    Hi, I'm just starting to exercise, always at home, I started yoga almost a month ago and just started Jillian Michaels 6 week six pack. I just got on controller meds for my asthma so I'm hoping to be able to handle more now. I also like pintrest for exercise ideas, I'm crsawinton on there.
  • Hi, Glad I found this link. I am also following MFP and exercising at home. I recently added weights to my routine and am very excited to see where this will lead!
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    Hey Everyone... My name is Jen. I am blessed enough to have an exercise room in my basement so I travel 3 mins to my gym and i don't have to leave my house! AND I ♥ IT!!!

    I have a cable weight machine, elliptical and I also really enjoy You Tube workout videos.... they are free and will KICK YO BUTT! I mainly do Jessica Smith and RealFitTV. LOVE their workouts...

    I also do the Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire DVDs.... #sweatfest!

    So I'm glad I found this group - looking forward to seeing what everyone does at home to get their "Sweat On"! :flowerforyou:
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    Hello My name is Jen and I work out at home. I started off just running but now Im lifting as well and im excited to say today i start using an aerobic step and I got a cathe friedrich low impact challenge dvd to go with it. I also enjoy billy blanks tae bo, jump rope and im considering giving yoga another try. Im not crazy about slow pace work outs unless its heavy lifting. I get bored easily so i just switch up all the time. Im currently 174 which is a result of just being lazy and not making time to work out but Im hoping to stay motivated and make working out a part of my everyday routing.