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SO, it was brought up that we should have a place to share our crock pot recipes. I see this as being a WONDERFUL time saver on multiple levels. How many times do we get home after a LONG day at work and are just TOO TIRED to put together something healthy? Ya'll wish you had your own "Alice" (Brady Bunch) or "Mr. French" (Family Affair...Ooooh, I'm dating myself on that one!) Well, a crockpot is the next best thing!
Take out those marvelous God Grown foods and put them in your crock pot and you have dinner ready and waiting for you!

TODAY we are having SHIPWRECK which I adapted from the boyscout/girlscout campfire favorite. Instead of individual servings in aluminum foil, I just put things my family loves into the crock to cook for the day. SIMPLE and oddly delicious! The only place I went wrong was having it too often so that we got "burned out" from having it.


ground beef (or other ground meat)
chopped onions
chopped carrots (though we like them whole)
chopped potato
chopped anything else of your liking
Salt and pepper (or other seasoning of choice)

place ingredients in the crock, meat on the bottom Low for 8 hours until meat is cooked through, High for 4 hours (again, until meat is cooked through) In scouts the chopped ingredients would be in dishes down the length of a table and the kids took a foil pouch, meat on teh bottom and whatever vegies they wanted on top and their own dosing of salt, pepper, and if we were being fancy Garlic powder, taco seasoning, chili powder...lowreys...whatever!)

I have a couple of larger crock pots and I typically fill them unti the lid is just slightly up as it will settle as the vegies cook. I DO NOT crush the ground beef onto the bottom. If you wanted to be fancy with it you could form the meat into balls...For time and eas, I do not peel carrots or potatoes. Just cut the ends off of the carrots and slice into rather large chunks. My crock was put together in less than 15 minutes this morning. I think I will hit the gym after work then head home to take back my dining room. (the kids more or less destroyed the house during thier holidays/snow days while I still had to work...) Let me know if you try this and how it turns out for you and yours!


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    On a ROLL! So I thought I'd let you know whats going in my crock for tomorrow.

    Chicken thighs sprinkled with poultry seasoning and garlic
    whole potatoes (one for each person)
    carrots (I buy them in bulk from costco)
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    Other favorites?

    15 bean chili (vegan)
    Black bean soup (vegan. panera copycat)
    roast with veggies
    yummy good for you soup (kids changed the name from BokChoy soup)
    chicken tacos
    white chicken chili (probably NOT the most healthy...but I'm working on it)
    split pea soup (vegan)
    red beans and rice (vegan)
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    I am getting hungry just reading your recipes. lol