Endomondo GPS Issues

Hi all,

I have been using Endomondo for more than a year. I love it. I'm on my way around the world (.009%) and to the moon (.001%). I don't even know how many hamburgers I've burned off.

Lately, though, there's been a problem with the distances Endo is recording for me. Last Saturday, I walked what should have been a three-mile route, and it showed 3.6 miles, at a zippy 12 min/mile pace-**walking**. My work routine and the weather kept me from walking most of this week, but when I did my usual one mile route this morning, it showed up as 1.6 miles. I WALKED at a 10 min/mile pace.

Since Endomondo is based off of GPS, I'm mystified as to where this might be coming from. GPS is external and not likely to suffer a sudden bug. My driving navigator still works fine (I have a long commute through busy traffic, so I use Waze consistently).

Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas on a fix?

btw: I am "Paul Fields" in Endomondo if you would like to add me :smile:


  • BigDog
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    Hi Paul,

    GPS radios in phones can be very different, and different apps may interact with them with differing results. The following link here is a topic on GPS and Enodmondo on Endomondo's help site. (You can also type in a search to see if any more help is available on this topic too.) Check it out here: https://getsatisfaction.com/endomondo/topics/dbxrn6m8e5f7p?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=widget_endomondo

    A couple things I would suggest...
    1. Do you leave your phone on all the time? If so... Try restarting it once in a while. (A reboot can resolve many sticky and persistent issue)

    2. If you haven't yet... Update your firmware and OS on your phone. Often times bugs like you are describing get resolved in updates, but you have to get the updates for them to work.

    Most likely it is not Endomondo causing the issue. It is a phone problem.

    HTH... Good luck!

  • PaulFields56
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    You were right, Dog! Rebooting the phone seems to have resolved the issue! Thanks.