PRivate message me

mjterp Posts: 655 Member
I am blessed by the friends I have added from this group. Please, if you would like to add me as a friend, do so but also leave a comment that this is how you found me. smiles. If this group gets moving again, I'll come back daily, but for now I'm tired of trying to carry it and I am finding that I get frustrated with no responses for days at a time unless I nudge friends to comment to keep it going.

THIS has the potential to be a WONDERFUL support group of like minded people with similar goals. My church small group is REALLY small and our schedules don't mesh well, which is why I though I would try to expand my friends group here. I would like to be able to have ongoing discussions of various sorts. As I said, I think this has TREMENDOUS potential.

SO...Looking forward to the day when someone shoots me a message to say "HEY, new stuff on the Daniel Plan! You should go check it out!"

Hugs and God's blessing on you in your journey toward health and wellness!