Hi New Here, BF'ing a toddler

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Hey just stopping in to say hi and I am bf'ing my 16 month old daughter. I have not been eating extra cals for breastfeeding her cause she eats a ton and drinks coconut milk (I'm not pumping much anymore these days) while I work. I just make sure to drink lots of water and if I do feel like I am starving I will eat and not worry about going over but I have SO much to lose (over 100lbs) so I am just taking it one day at a time here. Feel free to add me and we can encourage each other :) I work nights so I am up late a lot. - April


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    Welcome! I will soon be bf a toddler. My girl will be 1 on Mar 31. Question, how do you get her to stay still while nursing? I'm hoping this is just a phase since she's only just recently become an efficient crawler. I feel like I'm wrestling her sometimes to nurse her, especially before naps.

    You'll get there on your weight loss journey! Slow and steady can be frustrating, but the time is going to pass anyway, right? I just keep telling myself that she's so young, if I lose the weight now she'll only know the fit active mom and hopefully will be encouraged to be fit and active herself.
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    I can't remember what I did with my 4 year old, she breastfed until she was almost 2. With the toddler I've noticed the more sleepy she is, the more she moves around while nursing. I think she is just trying to keep awake lol I usually just touch her leg (or arm) whatever she is flinging around and ask her to please stop kicking / hitting Mommy. That's usually what is it. After two or three times of that I will ask her if she's finished nursing and usually she will stop kicking or whatever cause I think she doesn't want me to put her down. I think she understands A LOT more than we give her credit for.

    yeah i don't mind the journey taking a long time, i DO want to do it in a healthy way and still be able to nurse my little one. I have been a lot more active lately (we have a YMCA with awesome child care!) and that has helped me a lot.

    And I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself to drink more water :drinker:
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    Hey! I'll add you both. I'm BF'ing a 14 month old. I only just recently stopped worrying about my supply in relation to cutting calories (since I'm starting to finally feel like it will be ok in any case since he gets nutrients elsewhere). I only BF him now if he wants it, so maybe that helps with the squirming ("Hey, buddy, you came to me, let's focus here...haha!"). Not sure. He does occasionally end the session, then come back a minute later because apparently he decided he wasn't done. Usually that's to go off and check on the dog...once he's assured he's fine, I guess, he can go back to nursing. :-)
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    Jenny thats so funny. I usually let my little one come to me too but she still nurses a lot. I think its cause I work away from home about 15 days a month (its shift work, 12 hour shifts and we work two on and then two off and work every other weekend fri-sun) so i think its a lot about reconnecting and comforting. I don't feel rushed to stop at this point and im the same like you, im not really worried about my supply anymore cause so far its fine. and she eats a ton :) thanks for the add!!
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    Hi everyone. I am ebf my 5 month old but over the last week ive noticed tht by eating between 1200 -1500 cal my supply has been severly affected, but i was losing weight.i increased my intake and found supply to be getting better but i gained back 3 pounds.
    can anyone please help me..please..im really getting frustrated at this point as i love to bf my baby but at the same time wana lose the weight i have 30 pounds to lose before reaching preprego weight.
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    Hi Ladies, I've sent you Friend Requests!

    I'm BFing my 11 month old (he will be one 4 weeks from today) and trying to lose weight. I've lost 19 lbs since starting MFP but still have another 15-20 lbs to go.

    I've found that the only way I can get him to BF effectively is to take him in to his room, turn the lights off, and nurse him in the rocker. If we try nursing anywhere else, even if no one else is around, he won't stay focused more than 30 seconds. I don't ever try to nurse him in public because he won't focus on eating. If I'm lucky he will nurse for a few minutes if there is a private room to use for nursing while we're out and about. Typically, if we are going to be gone for an extended period of time, I will just bring along a bottle of pumped milk for him to drink.
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    I'm still nursing my 16 month old on demand, which at this point is before bed at night, and some times after breakfast. There are some days she's just too busy and even though she comes to me for it she will only nurse for about a minute or less, other days she'll stay on for 10-15 minutes. I've always found her to be most squirmy when she's just learned something new (sitting, crawling, walking) because she wants to try out that new skill all the time. When she began walking we had several days in a row where she didn't nurse at all because she'd latch on, then decided to slide off my lap and run away. I'm not worried about my supply at this point since she's (usually) and awesome food eater, and the plan is to let her self wean, which I can see happening over the next few months.

    I agree with winklkr about taking DD to her room to nurse effectively, and I also haven't nursed in public (or even around anybody but DH) since she was an infant because she won't stay focused if there are other people/sights around (unless we find a quiet spot at the airport. For some reason it's the only place we've ever been successful. I don't know why! :ohwell: :laugh: )
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    my Luna is the same age. She hasn't been feeling good lately so before i came into work this evening she nursed a BUNCH. I feel so bad having to be here while she is at home sick :(
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    I'm glad to find this board. I have a 13 month old who I still nurse, she eats food but won't give up the boob just yet. :) I plan to let her wean herself though every person in my life tells me I have bf long enough. I have about 60 lbs to loose. I lost a lot before I got pregnant and had a lot of success here on MFP. Looking for like minded momma to help support each other.
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    I'm nursing a crazy 19 month old!!!! once you get to 18 months it's like nursing a newborn again. oiy.
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    I'm nursing my 15 month old around 4 times a day, nice to chat with everyone! I do give myself 200 calories a day for nursing and it has not affected my weight loss negatively!
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    I'm bf my 19m old at the mo. :-) she feeds every few hours still whilst I'm not at work ((I'm part time) and approx once in the night....I miss sleep!
    I'm really just kicking off the weight loss again (on and off) and looking to hang out with people in the same situation :flowerforyou:
  • BF my 12 month old here! She still nurses 8-12 times per day, so I haven't lowered my calories yet. It's mostly night nursing (sleep? what is this sleep you speak of?) I do get a lot of push-back on letting her nurse still, but she was a preemie and has trouble putting weight on, and mama's milk is high-calorie and nutritious, so I'm going to keep going!