When did you start weighing/measuring self post-baby?

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When did you mommas out there start weighing and measuring post-baby?

I'm debating between starting at one week postpartum because I know I'll see losses and find that encouraging, vs. starting at my six week postpartum check-up for the sake of staying sane in the immediate postpartum period and keeping my mind off of weight-loss until there's a bit of normalcy to the routine again.

What was your strategy? Did it work for you?

(BTW, I will be logging food and exercise from day one, so I'm only really talking about measuring progress.)


  • marieamethyst
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    I was weighed at one week postpartum at my OB's office during a check-up, and again at the one month check-up. Week 7 is when I started to count calories and exercise more, and I started weighing myself every few days on my own at that point. I took measurements at that point too.

    For me it worked because I was back down to pre-pregnancy weight at one week postpartum, and 5 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight at one month, so it helped kick me into gear to continue getting into shape and seeing results. With the next pregnancy I plan on doing the measurements right away as well just so I can see the baseline from giving birth to end result. Every woman is going to be different though! I would do what you feel most comfortable with. :flowerforyou:
  • DawnieB1977
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    With my 2 kids I was weighed by my personal trainer about 8 weeks post partum when I started up the PT sessions again. I don't think I can afford PT sessions after baby no.3 so I might have to be brave and weigh myself and actually look at the number rather than have someone do it for me :smile:
  • TLCEsq
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    I waited until my six week post partum checkup and will probably do so again.
  • spunkychelsea
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    With my first baby I weighed myself I think 1 week postpartum. And then quite frequently thereafter as I was excited that the weight dropped off so quickly (I had gained 23 and lost 22 by 1 week postpartum).

    With my second baby my husband hid the scale for me at like 6-7 months pregnant (I gained 46 lbs total and instead of managing what I ate I just didn't want to know the numbers). I wanted him to bring out the scale sooner, but he didn't get it for me until 2 months postpartum. I had only lost 22 lbs and was sad, but gained MFP like the next day and started weighing daily since then (the last year).

    This one I plan on weighing daily afterwards out of curiosity unless it upsets me too much, then I'll try to avoid it, but I doubt I'll be able to. It's been a habit/obsession for a year now and I can't imagine not getting on the scale daily, but if it makes me too anxious that it's not coming off at the speed I had hoped for (which I doubt it will - don't we all want to be pp or below INSTANTLY??) maybe he'll have to hide it for me again.

    I will probably NOT log my food for a while though. I know my appetite plummets post birth and then increases like crazy about a week or so after. If I start gaining weight then maybe I'll look into what I'm eating, but I know for a good supply we're not supposed to cut calories for like 6-8 weeks afterwards, so I'm sure I'll get serious about weight loss again after that.