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Hello there!
I've just started SL 5x5 (I did the third workout today) at my gym and I found some awesome advice in here so I thought it was time to stop lurking and say thanks.
I've watched tons of videos and I had a lesson with a PT so I HOPE my form is correct. The empty bar was not a problem so far, I felt like I could definitely lift a bit more weight but I'm sticking with the program. The only exception was the overhead press, I really struggled with that one.

I'm eating at a slight deficit because I'd like to lose a bit more weight/inches before focusing on recomposition. I'm currently eating 1500 (TDEE method) during the week and 1700-ish on weekends. I've just changed my workout routine after joining the gym so I will probably up these numbers a bit.

My number 1 problem at the moment is that my gym doesn't have 1.25kg plates (=2.5lbs) so I'm not sure what to do. The smallest plates I could find were 2.5 kg (5 lbs). The PT told me I could use fixed barbells but they're very short so I don't think I would put much effort in balancing the weight, and only the lightest ones come with a 5lbs difference in between. Any advice?

I hope you have a nice day :flowerforyou:


  • SezxyStef
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    Hi and welcome.

    As for the weights hmmm hard question..I don't go to a gym but workout at home instead...

    Perhaps ask the gym to purchase some 2.5lb plates...not like they are expensive...if they wont see if you can bring your own in...

    I am not familiar with the fixed barbells...
  • jstout365
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    I agree with Stef, put in a request for the smaller plates or take your own in. Some people get even smaller fractional plates and take what they need into the gym with them.

    Congrats on getting started!
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    Congrats and welcome!

    My only suggestion on the plates, is to buy your own. Some of us have purchased fractional plates, which usually come in sets of 2 each 1#, 3/4#, 1/2# and 1/4# and they really help with progression, especially when the weight you're lifting gets heavier. I got mine on Amazon and I think they run about $50. Definitely worth the money!
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    Welcome :)
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    You can use 2" washers as fractionals as well. They are 1/4 lb each and much cheaper. You can find them at a hardware store. Just ask for 2" washers (they fit on the olympic bar).
  • sbarella
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    Thanks everyone! I've been at the gym today for some cardio, took a look around and I managed to find two 2.5 lbs plates. Problem solved for now, I may invest in the fractional plates later on anyway... We'll see! Washers are a great idea too.