When your period returns...

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Mine kind of started last night... I had super light spotting, then nothing when I woke up, but now I seem to have a little. It's almost nothing, and I don't feel crampy at all (though I've now had two babies, so that might help).

My periods used to be very painful and heavy. After baby #1, I still got cramps but not too badly, and while my period wasn't quite as heavy, it was still longish (6-7 days).

Thus no cramps and almost zero bleeding is a surprise. I did not EBF baby #1, plus I quit at 3 months, so my period return was swift (3 months) and more or less normal from the start.

This time I am a hair more than 10 months postpartum and still BFing 5x/day.

I'm a little bummed, but it was a good run while it lasted. I kind of knew it was coming because I get very, um, excited, shall we say, when I ovulate, and about a week and a half ago I was like that for the first time since before this pregnancy. However I'd be thrilled if it stayed like this (cramp-free and light). I'm not on any birth control (and won't be), so there will be no external forces involved other than, you know, eating and stuff.

So what was your first postpartum period like (if you've had one)? Did it stay like that, or did it change?


  • lisapr123
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    My girl is 16 weeks old and my period returned at 8 weeks (even though I was EBF'ing). Ugh. It was AWFUL! I was in the bathroom taking care of business every hour for nearly 72 hours straight. Then it was moderately heavy for another 2-3 days before tapering off. The second one was closer to "normal" in that it was heavy for about 2 days then tapered off to light for another 2-3 days. I'm hoping I return to my pre-pregnancy periods (3 days, 1 heavy) soon.

    My only "silver lining" to the period thing is we're hoping to try again this fall (we're IVF patients and have a few frozen embryos). So hopefully I'll be period-free for another year plus soon!
  • Amandawith3kids
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    i got mine back at 4 months, when he started sleeping better at night, i was kinda glad, because sex was painful without lots and lots and lots of good lube, and it still wasnt "the same" after that first tom, it was all good.

    after a few cycles it evened itself out and went pretty much back to the way it was before i got pregnant. still stupid heavy. i do spot more afterward though, sometimes as long as ten days. hoping when i wean the spotting will stop.
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    Mine came back at 11.5 months PP, and I was still BFing 4-5x a day. I was bummed, too, I had a "goal" to make it to 12 months. Not like there was anything I could really do about it, though! I only had 3 periods before getting pregnant again. The first two were "great" compared to what I was used to pre-pregnancy. Mild cramping (only needed 1 dose of ibuprofen during each period), regular flow, although I think they may have lasted a bit longer than the usual 5-7 days. I'm pretty sure I spotted for an extra 2-3 days after each. The third/last was back to the God awful pre-pregnancy periods I was used to. Horrible back aches, major cramps, in the bathroom changing a super tampon every hour, miserable. I think that was the week I decided I was ready for another baby! :laugh: