Zumba, anyone?

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Hi, guys! :) I've been wanting to start a zumba class (best day for me would be Sat mornings), but I'm much too big of a chicken to try to go it on my own and thought: "why not see if any MN pals want to go with me?!" I do have a gym membership at a chain gym but am willing to pay for a day pass since it's only 1x/wk. Otherwise, if you're willing to share your experience with dance classes, that might help too. Essentially, I don't want to be the only new person there and be the "awkward one" that doesn't know any of the moves.


  • TeachTheGirl
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    They do Zumba on Sunday's at my gym and I've been twice. (St. Louis Park.) I'm the one with no coordination doing my own thing at the back. =B

    Don't be afraid of not knowing the moves! Everyone starts somewhere. =)
  • Dayquasar
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    I would maybe try a class, I kinda feel the same way lol. Depends on what gym you go to and where your at, shoot me a message :)