Anyone into Social Distortion?

socialdchic Posts: 170 Member
It is one of my favorite bands (if you cannot tell by my s/n lol) I actually got to see them play 2 years ago and I was so close I could have touched Mike Ness! You dont hear much about them so just wanted to see if there is any fans in here.

Favorite songs:
Under my Thumb cover
Pretty in Pink cover
Prison bound
Reach for the sky
Mommy's little monster
Nickles and Dimes
99 to life
Down on the world again
Machine gun Blues

I also like some of his solo stuff (the non twangy sounding, more bluesy) Like "No man's friend"


  • I got to see them open for the Ramones in 93 or so.. great band live lots of energy. Another State of Mind was one of the first punk movies I saw.
  • herbertwest7734
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    I have a love/hate relationship with them. Really it isn't their fault though. I love their music and I saw them prob around 2002 and they were awesome. But I can't stand to listen to them because they remind me of a person that screwed me over pretty badly. I'm sure I just need to work out that issue and get over it though.
  • CancerSurvivor2014
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    Like thier music, never seen them live.
  • _Emily85
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    I love them
  • NickHTK
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    Do they tour much anymore?
  • ca1v1n
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    They were damn fine at Riot Fest a couple years ago when I saw them. 2014 I think. Last time I had seen them before that was back in the early 90's when they opened for Neil Young.