Runner Says 4 Others Bandited With Her Number at Boston



  • sinister2014
    sinister2014 Posts: 92 Member
    honestly that story made me laugh.

    i love all the anger in the comments section. and then the girl who topped them all by saying that the pics were actually the same guy and same girl and they had changed clothes midway through the race (and shaved and dyed their hair) :laugh:
  • KeithAngilly
    KeithAngilly Posts: 575 Member
    If this is true, and it seems like it is, I just don't understand the value of doing it. The whole thing is a lie. Can that possibly be fun?

    Sooner or late, everybody gets exactly what they deserve (good and bad). Karma never takes day off.

    I actually pity these people.
  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    They'll say that they ran Boston. I'd rather run the course on my own than bandit, but not everybody is me.
  • RunFarLiveHappy
    RunFarLiveHappy Posts: 805 Member
    I don't get it, at all...
  • ZenInTexas
    ZenInTexas Posts: 781 Member
    I would never in a million years run a marathon that I don't get credit for doing. What a waste of time. You can say you did it but no one will ever believe you as you won't be in the official stats. How dumb.