I need more friends who run!

Hey everyone!

A little about me! Name's Tegan and I have been running for approximately 10 months! I am currently training for a personal half marathon and would like to have more fitness pal friends that run for motivation and support and general help! Any and all levels of runners welcome!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  • schmenge55
    schmenge55 Posts: 745 Member
    Request sent
  • rduhlir
    rduhlir Posts: 3,550 Member
    Me too! I do have some, but I need more running friends to harass when it gets closer to marathon training in July.
  • actlc
    actlc Posts: 84
    Me too too! Have been running for a little over 15 months. Would be glad to have more running friends. :)
  • RunFarLiveHappy
    RunFarLiveHappy Posts: 805 Member
    I'm an adult onset runner also, you can all request if you'd like. Please send a message. Thanks ????
  • ka97
    ka97 Posts: 1,984 Member
    Runner/triathlete/soccer player - though I'm currently recovering from ankle surgery which means no running :sad: It's making me crazy! I'm hoping to be able to do a sprint tri in September and a half marathon in either October or November. Always open to more running friends!
  • TheBrolympus
    TheBrolympus Posts: 586 Member
    Y'all can add me. I run and cycle. Right now I am only running 3 times a week (about 20 miles) to let me knee heal up.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
    SonicDeathMonkey80 Posts: 4,489 Member
  • UrbanRunner81
    UrbanRunner81 Posts: 1,207 Member
    feel free to add me too
  • tappae
    tappae Posts: 568 Member
    I run and enjoy all my friends that do, too!
  • PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot
    PeteWhoLikesToRunAlot Posts: 596 Member
    You're in the right place. You'll find all manner of obsessive people here.
  • erichunley
    erichunley Posts: 19 Member
    Feel free to add me as well.
  • cms721
    cms721 Posts: 179 Member
    I eat chips, drink beer, and like to run (sometimes far). Feel free to add me.
  • SarahxApple
    SarahxApple Posts: 166 Member
    I'm doing my first half the end of May. I mostly run because I like cake :smile:
  • lbelle987
    lbelle987 Posts: 97
    I eat chips, drink beer, and like to run (sometimes far). Feel free to add me.

    This. I run for nachos & beer haha

    Training for my second marathon...I would love more running friends :)
  • Daisy471
    Daisy471 Posts: 409 Member
    Feel free to add me. I did a half 2 week ago, nothing on the schedule right now but will probably do another one (or two) this fall.
  • thepetiterunner
    thepetiterunner Posts: 1,238 Member
    Hi there. Always happy to meet a fellow runner. :)
  • k_perlinger
    k_perlinger Posts: 55 Member
    I've been running now for 19 months. Finally signed up for my first half marathon, May 4th. Feel free to send an invite.
  • HornedFrogPride
    HornedFrogPride Posts: 283 Member
    So many helpful, supportive, wonderful runners here, feel free to add me, I'm a marathoner training for my first 50k. :glasses:
  • novarugger10
    novarugger10 Posts: 62 Member
    I run for milkshakes and beer. Play rugby and am training for my first 1/2 marathon and Spartan race, both in June. Feel free to add me. Beer floats anyone?
  • wombat94
    wombat94 Posts: 352 Member
    Feel free to add me if you like.

    I've been running for a little over 2 years. I've completed 6 HMs and am training for my first full marathon this year.

    I hope some day to do a 50K or 50 miler (maybe the year I turn 50).