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Lets talk jogging strollers " .....

lina011 Posts: 427 Member
I have a 22 month old and newborn due in 9 wks I wanna do alot of walking with these two( live near the beach, walking tracks etc) I've been looking around for tandem double joggers, not a side by side cause their so big I've seen the phil and ted doubles but I don't like that the double seat for the toddler is so close to my feet , I've seen on amazon a instep flight tandem jogger I looks great the second seat is directly behind the first so it's not near my feet, it has sun shades on both, nice big wheels for only $200 any other suggestions ladies?? I'm an Aussie btw I hope amazon does international shipping"


  • cocolo89
    cocolo89 Posts: 1,169 Member
    I have a Bob Revolution double stroller, it's amazing !
  • lisapr123
    lisapr123 Posts: 863 Member
    I have a Baby Jogger City Select (it has two seats, front/back) and it's amazing. It's not technically a jogging stroller (it has 4 wheels) but it's great at my pace (9 minute mile at best). I use it on crushed limestone, woodchip & dirt trails as well as smooth surfaces. I have suggested it to all my friends in need of a 2 kid stroller.
  • Destanie_Robyn
    Destanie_Robyn Posts: 304 Member
    I've also heard good things about BOB strollers for jogging.. but they are expensive and I have never seen a tandem double stroller only a side by side for them..
  • papagal212
    papagal212 Posts: 93
    You also have to keep in mmind that the weight limit for a second seat is going to be lower on a tandem stroller, so you really wouldnt be able to use it long. I know they are super bulky (side by side) but for jogging they work best. I only use my Bob jogging and zoo trips. I've even.had 4 kids sitting on it. Lol for me it was well worth the money. I am very active and we use the stroller almost everyday. My kids constantly ask for walks lol I usually go 1.5-2hrs. Considering the weight I'm.pushing, the stroller is very light. my friend has a Phil teddy one and she only had one kid in hers, she pushed my.Bob with 2kids and a carseat (young one was a baby) and complimented on how it barely feels like your pushing anything. Hope you find the one for you!!'