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Over the next couple of days I will be posting nutrition routines that you can use for the Turn up 2 slim down 100 day challenge!

Check these nutrition guides out.....

choose the one that best fit your needs (copy and Paste)

1.The 100 by Jorge Cruise


2.Beyond Diet


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    Or even

    for another interesting take on sugar:blushing:

    An example from his very readable research.

    The active ingredient (from an addiction point of view) in sugar is fructose. Thanks to the marvels of modern food production, fructose is now embedded in almost every single food item on the supermarket shelf. Imagine how hard it would be stop smoking if everything you ate or drank contained the addictive ingredient."


    "Giving up fructose is far harder than giving up nicotine. You still have an addiction to fight but before you even get that far you’ve got to pick your way through a minefield of fructose filled foods. But there are some big food groups that anyone giving up fructose should absolutely avoid. They are:

    1.Confectionary and Bikkies (I know you knew that already but just in case you forgot

    2.Flavoured drinks (Not just softdrinks. This includes juice and flavoured milk)

    3.Breakfast cereals

    4.Condiments (For example BBQ sauce has more sugar than chocolate sauce)

    5.Muesli Bars


    7.And anything you add table sugar/honey/fruit juice concentrate/ rice syrup/agave syrup etc to..........................tea, coffee, baking. If sweetener absolutely required, try a small amount of glucose powder (sold as Glucodin in the pharmacy) or experiment with whey protein concentrate in baking!"
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    amberrenee813, they are just suggestions.
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    Thank you for this awesome resource!