Day 86 MFP 27 UK looking for encouragement!

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My names Carly I'm 27, I'm on day 86 On MFP- I've lost 19lbs in that time but have recently put on 2lbs and have been eating so much rubbish lately and cut down exercising- A LOT! (virtually down to nothing!)

I like to blame it on the weather, being in the UK we seem to be having a lot of rain lately! But that should be no excuse because you can exercise anytime anywhere!

When I first started on MFP I aimed to do 2miles a day walking and that really helped.

Just looking for like minded people that need encouraging as well, My diary is open and I figured if I had more MFP friends then it would be a lot easier than going it alone ( We all have those moments reaching for the chocolate etc.)

I also have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which makes it harder to shift the weight. Throughout my life I have always struggled with my weight and have been all sorts of sizes! My largest being 12.7 stone and a size 16/18.

I have started this journey as I was only diagnosed with PSOS 3 months ago- The day after I started MFP because it shocked me to hear my cholesterol was 5.9! Being 27 I knew something had to change.

I always knew that I had PSOS but my doctor always fobbed me off. Even after having a still born at 25 weeks and a premature baby at 24 weeks.

I suffer from depression as well which doesn't help as I am a comfort eater!

I am in this for the long run and don't expect results over night.

Anyone else that is similar or just wants to check my progress or also needs some encouragement give me a friend request!

Sorry If I have written too much! LOL

Good luck

Carly x


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    Hi Carly! I'm also on Metformin My first go of it I lost 10 pounds quickly but due to a lack of motivation on my part I gained it back. Now I am getting my butt into gear and have lost 4lbs since starting and about 20lbs total from my highest weight.

    I absolutely know where you are coming from...this is a hard road we are on. I literally cried talking to my doctor about my weight struggles during my last appointment but she gets PCOS and has really given a good plan aganist PCOS. I think it is so easy to become depressed or let this control us but we can't. We can make this change and overcome this! :)

    I wish you all the best and I know that if we stick with it we can achieve our goals!!