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How do you set YOUR goals?

bah_bug Posts: 32 Member
(Please keep this a judgement free thread :-)

So we're all here for one reason or another. How do YOU embrace HAES and set goals? There's no wrong answer, obvy, I'm just curious how everyone else does it.


  • new_boots
    new_boots Posts: 10 Member
    I've been thinking about this, but don't know how to answer. I guess it depends on what I'm setting a goal for & where I'm starting. While I'm not focused on weight loss, when I set my account up I set it for losing 15# because that's what I am over my usual weight after spending the winter in an emotional slump sitting on my tukus drinking cokes & snacking. :drinker:

    As far as running, I'm trying to get back to being able to run a 5K, because that's where I was at when I last ran regularly. In strength training I want do serious weight lifting so my goal is just to feel comfortable enough in the weight room to start. :ohwell:

    I suppose my goals usually come from something concrete I want to do.
  • glwerth
    glwerth Posts: 335 Member
    Right now, my goals are simple: relearn to recognize hunger and when I'm full without value judging my choices.

    It is WAY harder than I ever thought it would be and I find myself slipping back into the diet mindset, which pushes me a back a step or two.

    My eating in the last few years has been either extreme restriction or binge...very little in between and I feel like I've lost a vital connection to my body, like I don't really live there anymore. The same with exercise, I don't do it for the love of movement, I do it because it is an obligation, to be the 'good fatty' by exercising.

    So, another day ahead of trying to eat when I'm hungry without playing games with myself.

    Wish me luck!
  • Michelletbrown
    I try to make mine functional. I have pain in my ankle due to a funky tendon, and I hope to be pregnant in the next year. I'm trying to lose weight (~20 lbs) so my pregnancy doesn't add too much extra stress on my ankle. Afterwards, I'll probably play it by ear - eat thoughtfully, exercise (as much as a new mom can do that), and see where my new set point ends up being.