Why aren't all atheists fat?

m_a_b Posts: 71 Member
There's yet another "if you pray you'll get thin" thread - this time guaranteeing that if you believe in God then you'll get thin. So, the question is - if you need God to get thin then why aren't all atheists fat?


  • Azdak
    Azdak Posts: 8,281 Member
    They are. The ones who aren't are lying about being atheists.

    And they are gay because they can't pray away the gay, either.
  • k8blujay2
    k8blujay2 Posts: 4,941 Member
    Church = pot lucks = fatty foods and decadent desserts... true story.

    But on a similar not... then how come all vegans aren't thin?
  • htimpaired
    htimpaired Posts: 1,404 Member
    It's all the babies we eat.
  • Bahet
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    It's all the babies we eat.

  • MizTerry
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    It's all the babies we eat.

    HA! Loved it!

  • CasperO
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    Because they/we don't believe we're going to spend eternity sitting on a cloud strumming a harp, eating 4 meals a day at Sizzler and magically maintain 11% body fat. We believe that this life is it, so make it count,,, don't throw it away being unhealthy.