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I'm Margo and I started Stronglifts last week. I met with a really great trainer at my gym last night to check my form and get some tips for the program.
I've been on MFP since October of 2012 (this is my second account). I've dabbled in lots of different kinds of workouts, mostly from finding deals on Groupon. I was looking for a structured yet simple program to incorporate into my training and I definitely think Stronglifts fits the bill. I use the SL app for tracking my workouts and find it very helpful.
I'm doing a mini triathlon in August so I will also be running, biking, and swimming at least until my race.

I've lurked quite a bit in the forum and it's very inspiring to see all the amazing stories, progress photos, and lifting achievements you all have shared.


  • SezxyStef
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    Hi and welcome to the group.

    Glad to see another new face...

    Yes it is simple and I love it.

    I look forward to hearing about your amazing stories under the bar...:drinker:
  • chubby_checkers
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    Hi friend! I am only a few weeks into Stronglifts too :) Welcome! :wink:
  • ketoandbarbell
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    Hi! Welcome! I'm just starting my 8th week.
  • Gen2703
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    Welcome! It's my 2nd week and I'm already addicted! :)
  • perseverance14
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    Welcome! I am 6 weeks into SL and 8 weeks into lifting, I really like it.
  • hananah89
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    welcome! Love all these new faces.
  • beautifullyblessed16
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    Welcome! I am fairly new...on my 2nd week (and loving it!).
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    Greetings! I'm a newbie here too! Welcome!
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    Hi! Welcome to the group :) I'm into my 12th week and still learning a bunch of new things lol