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Body Positive Exercise

bah_bug Posts: 32 Member
What sorts of exercise/movement do you do that makes you feel awesome?

I don't belong to a gym, and I haven't found Zumba or Nia nearby (yet,) so what I end up doing is walking. for the most part. Most nights, my husband and I go for a walk, and I've been trying to add in a little exercise in the morning (though, so far, it just makes me want to co back to bed, after XD.)

Do you have classes or videos that you love? Do share!


  • cosmichvoyager
    cosmichvoyager Posts: 237 Member
    I LOVE free weights because you can palpably feel progress happen as it gets easier to lift the weights and then you move up to a heavier weight. I like core strengthening for the same reasons, it is an accomplishment to be able to plank longer or do more crunches, etc. and there is no like...focus on being thinner or weight etc to discourage me. It is also super amazing to get stronger and lift something that you couldn't or dance all night at a party and not be sore the next day, etc. Increased cardio activity + strength training rewarded me pretty fast with a body that was in less pain.

    I have a trainer who helps me with learning proper form and new exercises because I used to have back problems and am scared to mess my back up again by doing exercises incorrectly or the wrong ones. I also need to spend the money on the trainer to keep me on track, which kind of sucks tbh. I love going and she is amazing and totally worth paying for but it is expensive. When I stopped going to her to save money I just did not exercise as much :/

    The next thing I want to get into is resistance bands, which are cheap and portable and there's a lot you can do with them at home or at the park, etc. So far she has me just side-stepping with the lowest resistance band around my ankles, like this:

    The main thing to remember is when you do stuff like the resistance bands, suck in your abdominal muscles and tighten your butt muscles if you can--breathe, but like concentrate on having a tight core.

    Walking, some gentle free weights and resistance bands would be a good combo for exercises you can do at home and that you will quickly see positive results in your body (less pain, strength) that aren't about being thin :)
  • new_boots
    new_boots Posts: 10 Member
    Running. I started a few years ago, but I'm very on again, off again, so I consider myself a perpetual beginner. I'm also ridiculously slow, but when I've stuck with it I've seen good improvements in speed. I'm starting over now & slower than ever, I think. But like cosmichvoyage I enjoy being able to see regular progress. Most days I go out I run a little more, a little faster. Still doing walk/run intervals now, working up to running a solid 5K.

    I also really used to be into step aerobics when I lived near a gym that had classes several times a day. Sadly I moved & couldn't find classes there. :( I bought a step & videos to do at home, but it wasn't the same as being a roomful of steppers following a skinny blonde bouncing around yelling "Pizza step!"

    JIC anyone has been thinking about running, but doesn't know how to get started, especially as a fat woman, I wrote a guest post on a running blog a couple of years ago that has been fairly popular.