Hungry! Is this normal?

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Hi. Would appreciate any input on this.
I'm in my third week now and I've noticed I've been super hungry lately. Is this common when starting a strength training routine? Looking back at my macros the past few days especially, I realize I really have to work on bumping up my protein so hopefully that will help some.
I still have another 40 or so pounds to lose so I'm at a TDEE-20% cut right now, which puts me at 1700 cals/day. I'm 5'4 and am bouncing between 182-184 the past couple weeks. Does that seem like a reasonable calorie goal?


  • Llamapants86
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    Sounds reasonable to me. And I usually get really hungry after lifting. It's just something you get used to but more protein definitely helps a lot.
  • hananah89
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    protein and fat too with less carbs. You may also play around with when you eat with your workout to try and control your hungry. You have to play around to see how it works for you, I know if I don't eat before working out at 6am (a banana or beef jerky) then I'm absolutely starving afterwards. But 1700 sounds about right with 40lbs to go. But if you are still hungry after messing around with your diet, then I'd suggest TDEE-15% just so you aren't starving!
  • SezxyStef
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    most definately I was hungry some days where I thought it was a bottomless pit.

    I would eat lots of protien to help fill me up. Lost of chicken, seafood etc.

    Lots of veggies.

    You do get used to it, then you have less weight to lose and you get to eat more.

    I always found I was hungrier the 2nd sometimes I would eat under on lifting day so I had "extra" the next day.
  • spirit095
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    I would say it's normal. When I first started, I got really hungry the day after lifting for some reason. Now my body has somewhat settled down and I'm not as ravenous lol.
  • mlanders22
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    Thanks for the replies and tips!
  • ErinRibbens
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    Normal, and you have to be careful with your tracking. I was at maintenance calories when I started SL and managed to put on about 10 lbs in a year and then had to go back to a deficit with careful tracking to lose it. Lots of protein and fiber really helps and just knowing it's normal to be hungry and you will get used to it.
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    aha good to know I am not alone! This is my second week. After stronglifts I feel so hungry!