Biggest Loser Sign Up Thread



  • leggup
    leggup Posts: 2,942 Member
    Some people must have joined the group without posting to the thread. Everyone who has posted is on the list and we have 17 spots left =)
  • mamakeke22
    mamakeke22 Posts: 95 Member
    Please add me to the group. Need to lose 70 pounds.
  • ProjectTae
    ProjectTae Posts: 461 Member
    I'm in if there's still space ;)
  • rachaelruth3
    rachaelruth3 Posts: 27 Member
    I'm In!
  • tdmsbn
    tdmsbn Posts: 11
    I would like to join.
  • BettyandVeronica
    BettyandVeronica Posts: 333 Member
    In for the Win....

    Can't wait.
  • forever_yeung
    forever_yeung Posts: 1 Member
    Im definitely in!
  • JetWan
    JetWan Posts: 204 Member
    If any spots are left, I'm in
  • MadBabysMama
    MadBabysMama Posts: 373 Member
    I'd like to join but looks like it's over 100 already? Please keep me in if others drop out!
  • ashelizlow0491
    ashelizlow0491 Posts: 62 Member
    Can i join in still please? Im Ashley!
  • mom2tripsn2
    mom2tripsn2 Posts: 64 Member
    Can I get on the waiting list too, I guess? 100 spots must have filled up REALLY fast :cry:
  • omgsmg
    omgsmg Posts: 98
    If there's space, I'm in!
  • badwolfIO
    badwolfIO Posts: 74 Member
    I'd like to try a little harder this time. I need your support!
    Let me in!!!! (If there's room)
  • kids183
    kids183 Posts: 204 Member
    I'd like to try a little harder this time. I need your support!
    Let me in!!!! (If there's room)

    YESSSSSS!!! I wanna be on your team again!!
  • Crystallee145
    Crystallee145 Posts: 147 Member
    I'm in, thanks!
  • commit1440
    commit1440 Posts: 456 Member
    Thanks for keeping the challenge going. I'm in again -- if there's room.
  • laura0770
    laura0770 Posts: 161 Member
    Sign me up please:smile:
  • leggup
    leggup Posts: 2,942 Member
    3 more spots! Last chance for anyone who clicked 'Join' on the group but neglected to sign up.
  • Can_Change_Natalie
    Can_Change_Natalie Posts: 109 Member
    Im in :-)

    Im in the current biggest looser thats ending and would love to carry on, I have a holiday tomorrow and will be abck and ready to keep going by 11 July.
  • floriee22
    floriee22 Posts: 13 Member
    i wanna join too! :)
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