State Fair

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So with the list of new fair foods this year I decided to post.
Are you Going to the Great MN Get Together this year or not?

I go 2x a year usually. And I honestly don't eat that much. Last year we were there for 6 hours on one day and I had a malt and a pronto pup, and beverages of course.

What are your favorite foods at the fair?

my favorites are.....

Roasted Corn
Kiwani's Malts (by the 4h Building)
Sweet Martha's cookies
Cheese Curds


  • SideSteel
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    I'll likely be going to hnnngggg on some foods...
  • PinkNinjaLaura
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    I've never been to the Minnesota State Fair. One of these years probably should, huh? I went to the ND State Fair a billion years ago to see Def Leppard though. :smile:
  • sebkiwinaspensmama
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    My husband and I go twice a year. Once with the kids, and once without them. I always say we're going to eat a lot, but it's always too hot when we go, so I never eat as much as I think I will. My favorite food is the baked potato on a stick thing. And the fries. Oh the fries!!! Lol. I'm looking forward to most of the new foods for this year. Hopefully it won't be 90 degrees when I go. Lol.
  • TeachTheGirl
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    I'll be doing a half day (morning through to lunch) with the kids and then coming back later just my husband and I. It'll likely be trying whatever takes our fancy, some of the newer foods seem really interesting. =)

    Always have to go home with a bucket of Sweet Martha's though...
  • Roasted Corn is my all time favorite. :P
  • TeachTheGirl
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    Blue cheese and corn fritters were DELICIOUS. I also tried the pretzel cheese curds which weren't bad.

    Sad I didn't get the chance to try the Snoribbons and a few others that were introduced this year.
  • Shauna2626
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    Among the things my husband and I shared were fried pickles, a waffle ice cream sandwich, mini donut beer, a wild rice cheeseburger, Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies, a hot apple dumpling with ice cream, Hawaiian torta, vegie fries, cheese curds, French fries, and root beer. It was awesome!! Can't wait for next year, lol
  • meltedsno
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    so went to the Washington State Worlds Fair a week or so ago... nothing like the Minnesota Fair! NOTHING on a stick and the food court was Hamburger, Hamburger, Hamburger, Taco, Hamburger... in that order... lol... was still fun, though... I did manage to have one of the hamburger places make me a makeshift salad

    Really behaved myself at the Mn Fair... had a Gyro with grilled chicken and vegies... and then had a grilled chicken kabob... was all I needed... that, and the 3 glasses of beer... and tons of steps... felt so good when I left... knowing I really was contently full and satisfied...
  • meltedsno
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    oh yeah... forgot to add... instead of food on the stick, their big thing was deep fried butter... what the heck is deep fried butter? and the line was like around the block and down the street! I snuck up along side the stand to get a view.. .and it looked like they literally took a hunk of butter and dropped it into a deep fryer! Even at my highest weight I'd have turned and ran... well, maybe not RAN... as far away as I could get!!!
  • Patti1023
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    I think I've heard of that for some reason, but I agree, it sounds gross. And wouldn't it just melt once you fry it? So doesn't that just leave you with some buttery-tasting fried batter, with nothing left inside?
  • TeachTheGirl
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    I'm willing to give pretty much anything a try, but I have to admit, that sounds disgusting.

    Oh, I also got to try Izzy's Jello Salad Ice-cream. It was pretty good.
  • MrsOlson1006
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    Why does everyone think Martha's cookies are the best? I personally would rather have homemade cookies... my hubby also "has" to have a big bucket of them. By the time they come home they are hard? I just don't get it.
  • TeachTheGirl
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    I think the quality has definitely gone down over the years, now all I can taste when I bite into them is sugar, but for us it's just tradition. Whenever they get hard and clumped together, we just take big chunks and enjoy them with a glass of milk!