Early weight gain! :(

I am currently 8 wks and 4 days pregnant and am already up five pounds. From what I have read this isn't totally abnormal, but with my other two kids I had barely gained anything at this point! Granted, I did enjoy a little too much food last week at a baseball game and I've been trying to fight constant hunger/nausea by eating. But man! Five pounds? I've just started getting back into an exercise routine on my elliptical for 30 min a day and I'm also going to start drinking a lot more water to see if that helps hunger along with water weight. I guess I'm just discouraged because I feel like I'm in my second trimester where the weight starts to come on a little more ... but I'm only 8 weeks. (I only gained 32 and 28 with my other two babies.) I'm thinking I have just been eating too much, so I know if that's the case I can change it ... I am still so discouraged though. :( Any ideas or similar experiences??


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    I had morning sickness and couldn't even think about anything but crackers for 10 weeks but after that things kind of got out of hand. I felt like I was playing a game of hungry hungry hippo lol. I added more protein and took out some carbs. Sounds simple but for someone who is still off of meat it's tough. I eat Siggis yogurt and Luna bars a lot. So yummy. Try upping your protein and see how it holds you over. I also try to walk every day which also helps with my candy addition lol. Remember for 14 weeks most people don't need any extra calories and after that all you should need is 300 extra. I've been sticking to 1700 now and I'm up 7lbs at 22 weeks. I gained 60 with my first so I'm watching it like a hawk. Healthy and happy! Good luck to you!
  • This is my first baby but I too am and will continue to struggle with weight gain. So far I have been lucky in the fact that I haven't had morning sickness, just some nausea, but I get nauseous when I don't eat. I have had to make sure I eat every 2-3 hours or I start to feel terrible. I am also hungry all the time. I will eat my small meals and feel full for like 30 minutes and then feel like I am starving again. I feel like I am constantly overeating because I am so hungry all the time and I start to feel sick if I don't eat. On top of that, the only thing that ever sounds good are carbs, like potatoes, bagels, muffins, etc. I am currently 9w 3d and am up 1.5lbs. Two weeks ago that was not the case as I was up 3.5lbs. but I have really been concentrating on eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables instead of all the carbs. My workout routine has stayed the same with running 3-4 times a week throughout. I know it is way easier said than done but I would try not to worry too much about the weight gain at this point because from my experience it can fluctuate up and down in the first trimester. I am sure it will all even out as the pregnancy progresses. Also, it seems like you did great with your weight gain in your previous pregnancies so I am sure you will do it again! Good luck!
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    5 lbs isn't terribly abnormal, and I'm sure once you start feeling better, you will gravitate back to a more balanced diet. I figure some periods will be faster gains than others... at least that's what I'm telling myself since I gained 3 lbs in a week!
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    I gained a lot during my first trimester with baby #1 & gained 34lbs throughout the whole pregnancy. I'm 11 weeks with baby #2 & have gained 3lbs thus far. I think every pregnancy is different. If you're not too nauseous, I recommended renting a few prenatal dvds from your local library. :)
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    I guess it was all water weight because the numbers went back down to a 1-2lb gain. I drank a ton of water though! LOL!