SS MTB Frames, anyone?

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So I have a 2008 Raleigh XIXX 29er, which has been a fantastic bike for the price and was only used for casual but hard MTB riding until this year. This year I have raced 4 races on it so far and the EBB is starting to creak and it won't stay put. It's frustrating, I really shouldn't have to worry about losing my chain on a SS.

I broke my crank a couple weeks ago and pulled the EBB out and it was pretty gouged from the set screws. The kicker is that Raleigh has moved to a belt drive SS on their new XXIX 29ers, DOH! So parts may be to find from my 6 year old bike.

My question is, what frame are you running?
I want to stay rigid, so I am looking at the Surly Karate Monkey frame, any opinions out there?

Monocog makes a similar frame but I am not sure they sell just the frame. Niner wants WAY too much for their frames.

Any other frames that I should look at?


  • CDGolden
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    are you looking for a frame with track style/horizontal get away from an EBB bottom bracket..? The Surly KM will be nice, stiff, strong, utilitarian and Heavy. That said many people run them and race could also add gears if you choose to. I have a 1x1, Straggler and had a CrossCheck...I like Surly bikes.

    Also consider...SOMA Fab ...Juice is 29er, sliding rear so SS or geared...

    have you priced out replacing the EBB? its probably out of warranty but have you contacted Raleigh?
  • jacksonpt
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    Look for a traditional BB with horizontal dropouts.

    I ran a Surly 1x1 for several years and was very happy. I now have a custom waltworks that I love love love.

    Redline has a few option, and Kona still makes a SS frame or 2. Transition has a frame that is really popular right now as well. You can find some good deals on niners if you look around online. I've seen some crazy deals on them the last few months, though nothing SS specific as far as I remember.

    Do you have a preference on frame material?

  • sinker59
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    I just sold a 2007 Gary Fisher Rig that I really enjoyed. They earned a bad reputation for cracking at the seat tube/top tube, but mine was fine. Mine had a finicky EBB; not sure about the current configurations.

    My local shop has sold a few Breezer Lightnings (steel) set up SS, and the owners seem to really like them. Some are hardtails, but one in particular has a Niner carbon rigid fork and it's a great, light bike.

    It's also hard to go wrong with an El Mariachi. Used frames pop up on Ebay from time to time.
  • TheBrolympus
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I was able to bet a Bushnell EBB to replace the existing EBB and it seems to work. And after also replacing the SRAM bottom bracket and the truvativ crank I think I have eliminated all the creaking.