Logbook or App?

kota4bye Posts: 809 Member
Which do you use?

Where did you find your logbook?

Which apps have you tried?

Just curious. I'm using a plain notebook, but wanting to get more organized/upgrade.


  • kaaaaylee
    kaaaaylee Posts: 398
    I use the myWOD app. Paid 1.99 for it, don't regret it at all. :)
  • kmorgan221
    kmorgan221 Posts: 206 Member
    I used myWOD until my box signed up with Wodify. I really like that system, but I'm still figuring out how to best track individual lifts/movements rather than just the WODs.

    The tracking for the benchmark WODs is really good.

    I'm also doing Stronglifts 5x5 and just using that app to track my progress.
  • ascrit
    ascrit Posts: 770 Member
    myWOD is the best!
  • juliebeannn
    juliebeannn Posts: 428 Member
    i used myWOD for my strength numbers and benchmark wods.

    i use a logbook for everyday wods. my box ordered custom logbooks, so i dunno where i would buy one otherwise. but before i had the custom logbook, i just used a good ol' fashion notebook. haha.
  • smarionette
    smarionette Posts: 260 Member
    My box used to use Wodify but recently moved to BeyondTheWhiteboard and I love it.
  • DarkAngellEyes
    DarkAngellEyes Posts: 335 Member
    If you're looking for a physical WODBook - check out sportjournals.com. They have a few different varieties to choose from!
  • kota4bye
    kota4bye Posts: 809 Member
    Thanks all. I downloaded mywod and have been playing with it. I like that I can automaticly save my wod from the box feed. Just have to rename it so I can quickly go back to look at them.