How many miles a month?

alex215 Posts: 518 Member
So I'm relatively new to cycling and have had my first bike since childhood for about a year now. 2 months ago I made a goal of riding at least 100 miles a month. Last month I rode 180 and so far for July I'm at 88 miles. I have been really enjoying getting out and going on 20 mile rides. I think I might shoot for 200 a month starting in August.

So how many miles a month do you ride? Do you set a goal you try to reach every month?


  • Spatialized
    Spatialized Posts: 623 Member
    250-400, give or take. I set very nebulous goals and ride as I feel, but have a long term goal of beating the prior year's total. There are some that do far more than I though.
  • TheBigYin
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    At the start of the year, I set the goal of getting in 12,000 km of outdoor riding in this year. Allowing for weather and shorter daylight hours, targets are less in winter, and a little longer in summer to catch up... Not doing too bad so far, especially as I've decided to try and add a little quality into the mix, either trying to improve speed or work on my frankly pathetic climbing capacities.

    Still way off the distances some of the lads on here are posting though....
  • Kupe
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    Trying for an average of 500km per month, however this winter is proving easier said than done.
  • kcjchang
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    Started back up in May. 114 miles in May, 229 in June, and 112 so far. Goal is to have around 500 by December and able to complete my local bike trail (~87 miles) in a day if the weather and I holds up. It's a far cry from my old 900 - 1,200 miles a month but making that my reward so I can upgrade my vintage to a CF or Ti sometime the next or the following year.
  • matsprt1984
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    Depending on the time of year and focus I consistently get 800-1000 miles a month. Like TBY says I look more for quality than quantity. I had to go look back in my logs to see what I had been doing.

    As another reference to consider many now are more focused on hours spent training as opposed to miles spent training.