Destiny Beta

HunterKiller Posts: 361 Member
I started the Beta last night and have got to say i love it. Am on PS3 and looking for people to play with. Gamer name is Hunterkiller76- If anyone wants to add and join me in my game :) Am in England so it will be later this evening.


  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    My cousin sent me a code to try it. It is taking forever to install.
  • hush404
    hush404 Posts: 95 Member
    I'm pleasantly surprised. Got a beta code from a friend on my PS4 and I love it. Preordered the game today because I'm having so much fun with the beta.
  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    Yeah, I was going to pass on this game at first. I suck at shooters and they aren't usually my thing. With that said, I am enjoying the beta though. I probably will go ahead and pick it up. My brother and cousin are excited about it, so at least I have people to play with. I played 2 games of crucible and sucked tremendously at it. I did have fun and I am slowly figuring out things as I go.
  • Slimithy
    Slimithy Posts: 348 Member
    I played the Alpha and loved it and I'm playing the Beta and loving it. I'm Whrathgar on PSN if anyone wants to save the world with me. I'm on a PS4
  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    It has been a blast. I enjoy the crucible even though I am terrible at it. The coop campaign is where this game excels for me. Just a FYI, the moon mission will be open today, Saturday, for 2 hours.
  • erayne
    erayne Posts: 47 Member
    I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!!