Volusia County support

NancyNiles Posts: 145 Member
Looks like it's been a while since any Volusia County peeps shouted out. I live in Holly Hill, work in DeLand. Add me if you live in the VC area even if just for diet/healthy eating support. I need all the help I can get!

I have a YMCA membership and would love to find a workout pal for either the Ormond Beach or DeLand locations.

I can do super early in DeLand (6 a.m. ish) or evenings in Ormond (after 7 p.m.) I love to swim and do circuit weights. Not much on the repetitive cardio, but I do a little warm up on them.

I would also be interested in any walking trails or beach walks once the weather cools down.


  • joflo723
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    Hi Nancy. I live in Port Orange and work in Ormond. I love to walk to Sugar Mill Gardens in Port Orange. It's about a 4 mile walk to/from my house. So pretty out there too. I don't walk on the beaches much...I prefer wooded areas (=shade). lol I know a lot of people that walk the bridge here in Port Orange several days a week.. I tried it myself once and couldn't stand all the exhaust from the cars and being out in the blazing sun...just wasn't enjoyable to me! Good to see someone from VC on here! :)
  • imjustlisa
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    edgewater here!