Is this group still going?

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Hi there!
I joined over 60 days ago and have lost about 10 lbs...for the first time in several years while actually EATING FOOD. I did a 6-day "Joe's" Juice Fast the first of the New Year and lost 12...gained some back when I started eating again. But this time, the 1200-calorie thing I've chosen is working!

Thing is...don't have many friends to encourage me. I don't see new posts on this loop either but from 3 wks ago?! Are we still a group?? Thanks and God bless all who strive to improve their health...may you succeed!

Barb (Bree)


  • iamcherylb
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    hope it's still going. I'm fairly new to MyFitnessPal and only found the forum and this group a few days ago! I find it a bit hard to maneuver on these boards but hope it gets better with familiarity. Congrats to you on your accomplishments! Maybe because it's vacation time a lot of people are busy enjoying the last few gasps of summer! Might be all it is!
  • Gleagibbs
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    I was in a couple of years ago and left.. but now I'm back - working with the full plate diet folks on adding more fiber to my diet. At 53, menopausal, and on prescription meds... nothing really seems to work. So I'm just going to slow it down, and do what I can to get healthier. 1/2 or 1 lb per week - or even less - is fine. Just looking for encouragement and motivation to keep thinking, eating and living healthier! Who else is in?
  • csbs2013
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    Happy Passover and Easter everyone. Myfitnesspal is a great tool for losing weight, but with work, commuting and issues with joint pain (mild, but enough to deter a weak will) and lower back pain, I'm having trouble with my motivation and scheduling workouts. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  • lisabinco
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    I'm sorry to see this group flagging, and I'm part of the problem. Haven't been here in awhile. Summer does tend to divert our attentions elsewhere.
    At 60, having maintained a 45 pound weight loss for 3 years now, I have finally found a way to eat that I can live with till my non-disease-riddled end. So yes, it can be done at any age. Really, it's not magic. It's about learning to eat the most nutritious food first and eating way less of the not-nutritious food. Health is what we really want anyway, and a normal weight is part of being healthy. I highly recommend whole-foods, plant-based eating. Google "plant-based" or "Forks Over Knives" or "Eat For Health" to get you started.