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yes its a real word in my mind.

tonights bargain on way home from gym was a whole plaice .ten bob old money.from asda.184 cals steamed in foil with lemon juice.
thats only 50p for todays main meal protein.
whats your recent bargains or shop offers?


  • EmpressZhark
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    I managed to get 10 free range "happy" eggs for 90p the other day because they were on their sell-by date. Still had a week before they were due to "go off", and given that I have 2 boiled eggs each day with my lunch it seemed like a no-brainer. A week's worth of eggs for less than a quid - get in! They're usually about £2.75 for 10, so I was very chuffed at that bargain.

    Langley farm cottage cheese tends to be on the reduced bit fairly often at my local asda too. Got a tub for about 70p last week.

    I bought a head of broccoli, a bag of carrots and a bag of leeks for the princely sum of 20p on Thursday too. They all went into a vegetable soup and into the freezer :D
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    It's not reduced, but I think that Asda's greek-style yogurt is a high-protein, low calorie bargain at £1 for a big tub.

    Only, they were out of them this week so I ended up buying the 8 tubs they had left of the 50p size.
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    yesterday being fish friday, picked up 2 fresh cod and 2 fresh haddock fillets from morrisons for under £1.
  • cw106
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    asda fruit & veg dept wins again
    apple,grape and cheese snackpack. 12p.
    fresh raspberries 12p
    satsumas 18p
    applesx5 . 22p
    cauli& broccoli 240g. 12p
    activia peach yoghurts x4. 83p

    already combined cheese to make cauli cheese for dinner,using other fruits/ yoghurt for a delicious fruit salad dessert.
    stuffed now.