When did you start to show?

jess_erin Posts: 69 Member
I'm 14 weeks and this past week I feel I've really started to show. How about you?


  • Binky_Muffin
    Binky_Muffin Posts: 191 Member
    I started to show at about 16 weeks. I'm currently 23 weeks and I can still hide my bump under a sweatshirt or jacket. I'm not that big for some reason. Oh well. The ultrasounds show that everything is ok.
  • kathyk519
    kathyk519 Posts: 197 Member
    I am not showing yet - only 8 weeks 3 days. Last time, I remember that I had to finally use my maternity pants at like 12 weeks, and I was not telling anyone until 14 weeks, so I was trying to hide it but still be comfortable. Depending on results from test, I hope to be able to tell at 12 weeks this time, but if the results are iffy and we need additional testing, I may have to hold off for 14-16 weeks, but I don't think that I will be able to hold off that long with speculation.
  • Erindolly
    Erindolly Posts: 35 Member
    I think I started to show around 15-16 weeks--or at least I felt like it and my pants got tight. But looking back at pictures from a wedding I went to, you can only tell a little bit.
  • ganzelly
    ganzelly Posts: 302 Member
    I'm 15 weeks and feel like my stomach popped out 3 inches the day I hit 15 weeks! I'm wearing maternity pants for the first time today. I still am not really showing depending on what I wear. Tight shirts over tight pants I definitely have a bump, but I can still easily hide it. I never thought I would wear maternity pants this early but they are so comfortable!
  • xelor23
    xelor23 Posts: 44 Member
    I think I really started to show at about 17 weeks. I have always had a tummy though, so I wonder if that hid it for a while. It just popped out one day and just keeps growing! However, my pants stopped fitting well by 12 weeks, but I think a lot of that was bloat. Oh the bloat!
  • Cheeky_and_Geeky
    Cheeky_and_Geeky Posts: 984 Member
    I think I was about 13 weeks when my stomach started showing. At 16 weeks, it was very obvious. Now at 20 weeks, it looks like a bump 100% & not extra tummy weight. This is my 2nd baby.
  • lisapr123
    lisapr123 Posts: 863 Member
    I started to show (in fitted clothes) around 20-22 weeks. In normal clothes... well, let's just say I didn't officially announce my pregnancy until I was 32 weeks. (I'm not a tiny girl, but not obese either. I just didn't show much. Didn't stop me from having a 9lb 3oz baby girl, though.)
  • I'm 18 weeks with my third now and I still look like I just ate too many cheeseburgers or something. If I wear something that accentuates the bump, that helps and people who know me that know I'm pregnant can tell. Oh well! It'll pop out in the next couple of weeks. :)
  • TheNewoImproved
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    I feel like I could tell by 18 weeks. But sometimes now at 26 I wonder if others see me and just think I'm fat lol
  • janetay01
    janetay01 Posts: 1,298 Member
    I started to show around 18 weeks. But it's only in the last four weeks (I'm 28+2) that it has become really obvious. It also depends on what clothes I wear - smart clothes at work still hide it reasonably well but my leggings and 'scruffing around' clothes at home make me look huge :laugh:
  • MelissR75
    MelissR75 Posts: 760 Member
    I started to show in form fitting clothes around 10 weeks (this is also my 4th baby). Im definitely rocking a baby bump now at 13 weeks. Its all just belly at this point which is fine with me!! Im hoping thats the only place I show lol
  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    I think I was about 13 weeks when my stomach started showing. At 16 weeks, it was very obvious. Now at 20 weeks, it looks like a bump 100% & not extra tummy weight. This is my 2nd baby.

    I'd say I'm about the same with this, also with 2nd baby.

    I'm 22 weeks and there's a definite (not fat) bump.
  • amaybee13
    amaybee13 Posts: 28 Member
    I'm 13 weeks and I have a bump. My clothes still fit, but the waist area is a bit snug to say the least.:wink:
  • lilchino4af
    lilchino4af Posts: 1,292 Member
    With my first I started definitely showing around 20 weeks. By 22 weeks I was in maternity. So far with the second I'm 14w and don't really show yet, depending on what I wear.
  • Plooty222
    Plooty222 Posts: 76 Member
    I think people are just starting to be able to tell with me and I'm 21w4d. I could tell around 15/16 (and so could my jeans!) but the baby girl is making her presence known when I wear dresses now :-) She seems to be carrying really low though.

    I'm hoping I don't get too big, my weight gain so far is around 7-8 pounds.
  • avielosesit
    avielosesit Posts: 79 Member
    I didn't really start to show until 22 weeks-ish. From about weeks 17 to 22, I definitely looked plumper, but many people at were really hesitant to ask if I was pregnant (who didn't already know; I wasn't hiding anything) as they thought I had taken a break from working out/started indulging in donuts. I'm not saying that that wasn't the truth... just kidding!!