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I'm very frustrated right now because as I had been going to the gym daily and was just starting to feel like a younger me again, last Monday during a sprint I felt twinge in my back. I have never had any type of back injury before so this was something new to me and I quit my run hoping it was just the result of the wrong movement and could just relax. WRONG! It tightened up something fierce that night and I was literally unable move much the next two days even after going to my doctor and getting some work done on it. I was diagnosed with a severe back strain and still a week later have not been cleared to lift or run. I can walk and have been but as active as I usually am with athletics and such it does not feel like is doing much. I haven't gained any weight but have been watching closely what I eat, however, I am frustrated because the doc can't give me a date when I will be able to get back into my routine. Hopefully this set back doesn't last too much longer and none of you have something like this before our Christmas goal.


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    Sorry to read this. Can you do other acitivities beside walking like cycle or elyptical?
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    Cycling no, I tried it yesterday and it was painful. I'm going to see if I can handle the elyptical today, crossing my fingers.
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    the more you push it the longer it will take to heal. It's frustrating but its not going to get you back faster if you continue to put strain on your back or if you would reinjure it.
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    Just let yourself heal and keep walking. It might mot feel like your doing much but I promise you, you will be fine as long as you keep moving. If you try things too quick you may be not even be able to walk. You also might want to try swimming
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    Sorry about your back. I have a knee injury, tear and some swollen sack (don't know the medical name). Doc told me he could do surgery to remove the tear and sac but there is a chance the sac could grow back swollen again. So I can workout every other day. Walking hurts worse than running, go figure. I ice it after working out; I have done knee strengthening exercises, take sleeve and whatever else. My sister n law is a physical therapist so she gave me exercises but I am still in pain when I walk, garden, wash the car, whatever.

    I hope we get better soon! Now that I really want to get back into exercise, I have this set back.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    I hope you get better too, it is just really frustrating me because I was on a tear with exercising and eating right with the pounds falling off but now I feel like when I finally heal it will almost be like starting over.
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    Yay finally cleared to lift and run again. I have to lower any weight that involves intense pressure on my back for a couple of weeks so unfortunately it makes me drop my squat weight for at least two weeks. BUT I CAN WORKOUT AGAIN! Did a looooong upper body workout yesterday and a mile run. Felt great to be back.
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    I've had to take a week off and I'm only going to start exercising starting tomorrow. Not being able to exercise after being on a roll for three months was tough. However, I watched my calories closely all week and hopefully I can get back to working out.
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    I stopped working out for a month but ended up losing 12 lbs by eating clean and organic. It's expensive but best if you're still wanting to lose without necessarily working out. I'm sure clean eating non organic will work as well but all those additives will slow down what you're losing. Good luck ????
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    I always try to look at the word "goal" as a projected idea. You are doing great! You are watching what you eat and still maintaining some form of activity. As a women who has had to deal with back-related issues most of her 58 years, take the time and let your body heal. Your body, not your mind will tell you when you are ready to go, go, go! And you will!
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    I am sorry and for you and feel so sorry for you.
    I am such a ****ing stinking alcoholic that I can barely go a month without getting wrecked.
    I know I will regret this post in the morning but sorry for troubles and I hope you get back on the road to recovery soon.
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    Just a quick update. I had my week off of exercise for injury. Came back and ramped right back up without trouble. You can lose weight simply by eating less. You don't actually have to exercise. To do so, you really have to stick within your limits. I've also had that kind of back strain in the past. You really need to let the back heal before you go back to exercising.

    Addiction in general leads to self-destructive behavior. Alchoholism is bad. When the alcoholism controls you, there is only one real solution. Stop drinking. Personally, I don't have the problem. I always stop drinking after the first drink. Others are not so lucky. While losing weight, I stop drinking for the most part. My wife still has a glass of wine or beer on occasion. I drink club soda with a twist of lime. It's sort of like drinking alcohol without the calories or the alcohol.
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    I have returned to full activity including sports so I am back on the path to being physically fit. It was trying and in the past I would have just gorged myself and ate horribly because "I couldn't work out" but this time I stuck to my guns so getting back into it was a piece of cake. Thank you to everyone who gave support and advice as it also helped with my process as well.
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    Excellent. You have been diligent in accepting MFP's training. Training is taking a behavior you have and changing that behavior into a behavior you want. Waiting out the injury, continue logging, eating within your limits is a good behavior to develop. Well done.