10 things endurance athletes need to stop doing

Good read:


In my case I need to focus on that one:

"10. Stop Being Negative With Yourself
There is nothing anyone or any coach can tell you that will supersede what you say to yourself. If you don't believe in yourself when you toe that start line, the result is pretty much already determined."


  • litsy3
    litsy3 Posts: 783 Member
    I'm confused by #1. I thought the junk food and drinking were the recovery?
  • RunFarLiveHappy
    RunFarLiveHappy Posts: 805 Member
    I'm intrigued.
  • essjay76
    essjay76 Posts: 465 Member
    I'm confused by #1. I thought the junk food and drinking were the recovery?

    LOL! Right? :-)

    In all seriousness, I am guilty of a lot of these. Thanks for posting!
  • tkillion810
    tkillion810 Posts: 591 Member
    Great reminder! #10 is my favorite. I've been guilty of walking up to the start line already thinking I won't hit my goal.
  • jstrun
    jstrun Posts: 70 Member
    agree with the others...i'm confused by #1 lol i run to drink! kidding!

    I am guilty of a lot of these! specially #4 - i need to lose still quite a bit of weight...but at least i am out there every day grinding!
  • TheBrolympus
    TheBrolympus Posts: 586 Member
    4. Stop Ignoring your Diet and Weight
    ^^^^ This, this, this, this!
  • PrairieRunner2015
    PrairieRunner2015 Posts: 126 Member
    I'm half guilty on #4. I've been loosing weight, but I haven't really been eating the most healthy items/meals.
  • UrbanRunner81
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    can never take my junk food and beer from me! Only from my cold dead hands hahaha
  • 99clmsntgr
    99clmsntgr Posts: 777 Member
    #2 is me. Wednesday , as prescribed by my typical training plans, should be speed work. Intervals, tempo runs, whatever. Lately, however, it's become "Let's just get a quick 2-3 in and do some weights" with the guys I work with. 1 month to my next half-marathon, I think it's time to get back on plan.
  • STrooper
    STrooper Posts: 659 Member
    LOL! I ran my best half-marathon ever, came in first in my age group and was eating fresh pizza at 9 AM (see #1). I came up with a new saying based upon a line from "Apocalypse Now"

    "I love the taste of fresh pizza in the morning! It tastes like VICTORY!"
  • opus649
    opus649 Posts: 633 Member
    I'm not stating definitively that he's wrong about warm-ups and cool-downs, but I'd like to see the research that "shows these help greatly with performance and recovery."

  • smarionette
    smarionette Posts: 260 Member
    I'm certainly guilty of #1, 3 and 5. Last weekend I did back to back races (spartan sprint, 1/2 marathon), like a crazy person. Took Monday off, but even yesterday my run was not what it could have been. More than once I've skipped a short run because work went way way late, and that leads to number 5 and obsessing about not getting in the volume I should. I'm currently afraid that the 20 mile long run won't be enough prep for my marathon and debating taking a week less taper and going for a 22-24 mile run because volume.
  • quakerboy
    quakerboy Posts: 11 Member
    That was my sense as well. I thought the research was rather lack-luster on warm-up/cool downs
  • CallMeRuPaul
    CallMeRuPaul Posts: 151 Member
    i'm only negative with myself when I don't meet my goal time. people often reply, "but you ran a half marathon!"