Under-boob heat rash

Due to a combination of big boobs, pre-pregnancy weight loss, pregnancy, and consequently ill-fitting sports bras, plus more regular exercise habits...I have an annoying case of under-boob heat rash (bumps). Gah. All my non-sports bras have underwire, which doesn't help, but I don't feel comfortable wearing sports bras to work. Anyone out there have healing tips? Or sympathy? :)


  • lisapr123
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    Oh what fun!

    Have you tried Glide or another anti-chaffing product? Not sure if it helps heal, but perhaps for prevention.
  • simply_sarah_
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try that out!
  • Lelah77
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    Gold Bond powder. Miracle stuff. It works for *ahem* "swamp butt", too.
  • simply_sarah_
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    hehehe, thanks Lelah!
  • ColeCake292012
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    Sometimes it can simply be hormonal, as well. With my first I had a rash under my boobs and in my "leg-pits"....attractive, I know. This was even through winter. The best thing that helped was to dry off after a shower really well and powder the affected area. At least kept it from itching and burning as bad.
  • mormonmomma11
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    Hey ladies -

    I used to get this all the time before I got pregnant for the first time. Then it came out with a vengence right before labor and delivery. Out of misery I showed it to my OBGYN and asked if she had a recommendation for a cream/powder. In my case, it turned out I had a yeast infection on the skin under my chest and the sweat/rubbing was making it worse. She prescribed a topical antifungal and it cleared up within a week and I was so glad to have it gone before attempting to nurse.

    Just a thought in case it doesn't clear up quickly that maybe you should run it by your dr at your next appt?
  • simply_sarah_
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    Thanks mormonmomma - I didn't think of that. Will run it by dr at next appt for sure!

    In case anyone else has a similar problem, I just found this video which also discusses the problem and how to treat it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGymDSXHFqM
  • feedmedonuts
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    I had that so bad. Being in my third trimester in South Florida....I could have planned this better lol!!!!! I used body powder, seemed to help wick some of the excess moisture.