Mon. September 28th

ChiaGnome Posts: 179 Member
Well, after a really irresponsible weekend, I'm back up to my beginning weight for this challenge. Time to get back on track.

1) Run 5k around the neighborhood (find a fun route and do it 3 times a week)
2) Drink only water, coffee, and tea
3) No processed carbs
4) Long walk with my dog this morning
5) Morning routine (50 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 50 push ups)

We can do this!


  • SilverStormi
    SilverStormi Posts: 626 Member
    Yesterday was a somewhat relaxing day. Tried to get things done around the house and also a trip to the laundomat. But I did get a two mile jog/walk in while I was waiting for the washer to finish.

    Todays goals:
    1. p90x (done)
    2. food shopping (I wanna make a chicken pot pie tonight for dinner and am missing a few key ingredients)
    3. drink 10 glasses of water
    4. finish cleaning the chin cage - I started before work but the fluffballs didnt want to cooperate and kept trying to chew the radiator so I couldnt finish)
  • victoria_b482
    victoria_b482 Posts: 35 Member
    I slacked off for a week and gained the weight I lost in three weeks back. Starting back at it!

    Walked for 45 minutes this morning then did some arms, abs, cardio.
    Drink nothing but water today!
    Start logging everything again. (it really keeps me watching what I am doing)3
  • I got really sick last week so I couldn't retain much food and I barely exercised. I think that's why I lost the weight I did, but I'm going to try and keep it off. It seems like just eating at my calorie limit and not eating back so much of my exercise calories is doing the trick. So I'm going to try the same stuff I was doing last week, adding in more strength training, drinking mostly water and now adding in crunches/abdominal exercises.

    1. Drink only water
    2. Stay in calorie range, only overeat 100 if need be
    3. Start crunches tonight, exercise like mad with Zumba or Yoga.
    4. Keep on track with my sleep schedule
  • cds2001
    cds2001 Posts: 769 Member
    I just filled out the spreadsheet to get it updated. I'm up a pound since I joined the group on ~ 9/07. I will try to post/update each Monday morning from here on out. Been really busy. Starting from square 1 again today. I've made a promise with myself that this time is for keeps. I will get up each day to exercise BEFORE work. I may not get to post my exercise each day because I don't have internet access at home but can post most weekdays on break at work.
  • JuliRamone
    JuliRamone Posts: 365 Member
    One goal left for today:

    - After making a rather hard decision today I really have to stay strong not to drink lots of wine later in the bar
  • lemurcat12
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    Last week I switched over to the TDEE method where I have a higher base calorie level but don't add in exercise calories. I'm finding it much easier so far--I had been going nuts on lower calorie days and then overeating just because I had the calories on higher days, and having a more consistent calorie level I think will work better. It's also helping me not spend my off day trying to figure out how to walk enough to get more calories, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Today's goals (rather late) are:

    1) Ride my bike to and from work and pick up the last few miles I need to hit my 225 mile goal for September (as of this weekend I had the idea that I should try to make 250, but tomorrow is my off day and I overslept this morning, so that's not happening and is not necessary anyway).

    2) Go to the gym for my regular strength training day.

    3) Get at least 30 grams of protein at breakfast and lunch.

    4) (the usual) Stay within my calories.

    I should add a sleep-related one, as I've not been getting enough which is related to me oversleeping, but I know I'm getting home late tonight, so may save that for tomorrow.
  • Down two pounds this week. Feeling good and focused! Keep up the hard work everyone