Anyone doing VERY low carb?

Looking for friends doing low carb with diaries open. Looking for food ideas.


  • KatieMcCakes
    KatieMcCakes Posts: 294 Member
    Very low carb here due to Type I diabetes- I will warn you, I also eat very high (healthy) fat, so the numbers on my diary may be a little startling. But you're always willing to take a look. Lots of eggs, coconut oil, nuts and seeds.
  • blukitten
    blukitten Posts: 922 Member
    I am doing very low carb- or atleast thought I was- was at 120 g per day originally- doc has now put me to 30 g per day not including veggies and protein- my diary is open to friends- add me if you like-- would like to get some more ideas on what to eat-- also doing high healthy fat
  • blukitten
    blukitten Posts: 922 Member
    Sorry forgot to mention-- doing low carb due to PCOS and hypothyroidism
  • mcpostelle
    mcpostelle Posts: 418 Member
    I'm LCHF's here. I mess up a little here and there, but my goal is <20g of carbs a day and 0 sugars. :) Feel free to add me with a little message for I know who you are.