I finally get to meet my surgeon, and I need some advice!

My journey to VSG began all the way back in March of this year when I went to orientation at my bariatric clinic. My six-month doctor supervised diet ends on October 27th, and I finally have an appointment to consult with my surgeon (Dr. Krause at Royal Oak Beaumont, for anyone in Michigan) on November 10th. Hopefully I'll be scheduled about 4 weeks after that, pending insurance approval.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should ask him? I know that seems weird, but I'm on information overload with all of the doctors I deal with. I'm afraid that I'll blank out during the appointment and end up not leaving with a lot of the information I'll need.

Here's a long shot question as well - does anyone in Michigan have any experience with McLaren Health Plan? I work for a law firm that deals with insurance companies a lot, and all I hear are horror stories. I would love a little hope right now, because it's hard to commit everything to preparing for surgery when a voice in my head keeps warning me to prepare for a denial.


  • rpyle111
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    I am in Michigan but I have HAP. They have been great. I hop your trip through the insurances maze goes well.

    I would ask about how long they expect you to be in the hospital, ask as many details about the actual procedure as you are comfortable knowing, what to expect afterwards for the first few days. Start a list today and any time you think of something, jot it down. That way you'll have a good list by the appointment.

  • kglowins
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    I am in Michigan, too! I have BCN though...they were really great and made the process easy. My surgery was done at Providence in Warren. I wrote down a huge list of questions and took it with me to my consult. I asked about everything (pre-op diet, post op diet and stages, kidney stones, gall stones, hair loss, supplements, hormone adjustment, pregnancy, exercise, fluid intake, overeating, undereating, malnutrition...etc). My process was a little different though. I had my consultation with my surgeon before I started the 6 months of monitored dieting. Good luck with everything!
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    I would talk about alternatives he might see and ask him if he wasn't doing the surgery (or anyone in his group) who would he refer you to and why. i think this is a helpful question for a number of reasons-it lets you get a feel for the person and compare who he would refer you to to others feelings in the area. I know, its an odd question-it is one my GI Dr suggested I ask given my reluctance to pursue this path and I found it to be quite illuminating.
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    Thanks for the advice! I'm still nervous/excited, but I am coming up with some good questions and I keep writing things down.