best way to get into CX

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OK, so the best way is to buy a cross bike and go ride... but I'm *trying* to not buy *another* bike, so maybe my subject line is a little misleading.

Aside from buying a cross bike, what's the next best way to get into CX?

I've got a roadie (Specialized Roubaix), but I'm not sure now much tire clearance I have (maybe 30cc at the biggest), and I'm not sure how well it would hold up to CX abuse. I've also got a HT 29er, that I could lock out the fork on and run some narrower tires. This would obviously hold up fine, but weight, geometry, flat bars, etc are all less than ideal.

Any other options?



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    Pick up an old clunker (old touring bikes with canti brakes or convert a 27" to 700c), throw some wider tires, and see if it's the sport for you. If isn't, you have a town bike. Or try finding a rental. 29er have different geometries so you may not necessary get the same experience. I wouldn't use my road bike unless I am ready to trash it.
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    I went and watched a race this year. Saw plenty of people on regular MTBs. You won't win or anything but do a race on your hard tail and see if you like it. I thought about doing it with mine but it's a full suspension and the back shock placement makes it a pain in the butt to pick up.
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    Thought about doing one w/ my fully rigid MTB.........
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    Some of the CX races here in Dallas have a race before the others for people with mountain bikes. I think it's a "see if you like it before you buy or build a CX bike" race. I have been tempted to take my MTB and give it a try.
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    Ride the 29'er. Have fun and get muddy.
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    +1 on the mountain bike. It may not be ideal but it'll be good enough to see if it's something you're interested in pursuing more.
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    Enter a race, use your mtn bike. Become hooked, buy a CX bike.