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  • homerjspartan
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    If anyone likes zombies..... I did this run in Pittsburgh this year and it is coming to Michigan next year. It is awesome and if you want to ask me anything about it plesae send me a note.

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    I do the Turkey Trot in Lansing on Thanksgiving, and I did the Lansing half marathon this year for the first time (it was in September). I also did the Howell "Headless Horseman" 5k that was right before Halloween, the 5/3 Riverbank Run 10K that was in April (or May?), and the Race for the Cure in April. I love running! :)
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    5 km and 10 km running races
    AGAIN THIS YEAR!! 5km walk
    September 2 2013
    Pine Haven Recreation Area
    Sanford, Michigan
    9:30 a.m. start
    ** Sign up online at active.com - keywords Mud Creek Crawl **
    MUD CREEK CRAWL is a nationally recognized off-road race (RUNNER'S WORLD's choice as
    one of the nation's Top 13 Out-Of-The-Way Races) that is run over a beautiful wooded and hilly
    course on trails that were designed for cross-country skiing. Races are a 5 km run, a 10 km run,
    and a 5 km walk through the rugged terrain at the confluence of Mud Creek and the Salt River in
    the Pine Haven Recreation Area near Sanford, Michigan. The trail surface is natural turf, sand,
    or (hopefully) mud, depending upon the pre-race weather. Top finishers are determined through
    use of a handicap system of scoring: each entrant will have his/her actual finish time adjusted by
    a body type/composition factor and an age/gender factor. This handicapping allows each
    runner an essentially equal chance to win in his/her chosen race. Previous CRAWL winners
    have ranged in age from pre-teen to post-sixty. Come discover the special character of the
    MUD CREEK CRAWL, bring your friends and family to run or spectate. Location, scoring, and
    tradition (we've been doing this for more than thirty years) all combine to create a truly unusual
    off-road race. Join your runner friends in this unique event!
    AWARDS: Medallion awards will be given to the top time-adjusted finish places. Actual times will be collected via chips by
    Miller Race Management. Awards will be presented immediately after the last participant finishes each race.
    SOUVENIRS: Each entrant will receive a unique souvenir with the MUD CREEK CRAWL name/logo on the souvenir.
    REFRESHMENTS: There will be a water station on each race course, and there will also be fruit and liquids at the finish area
    for the participants. RACE LOCATION: Pine Haven Recreation Area is at the western end of Maynard Road, off West River Road, north of
    Sanford. The West River Road/Maynard Road intersection is just south of the West River Road exit from US 10. There are
    signs to Pine Haven.
    FACILITIES: Low-tech, man-made changing areas will be available, as will be those grown by Mom Nature; there will also be
    portable toilets for other essential pre-race preparations. Ample parking is available in close proximity to the start-finish area.
    RACE DAY REGISTRATION: Pre-registered crawlers can pick up numbers and chips from 7:30 a.m. until 15 minutes before
    the start of the races, and late registrants can register during that time. All of the races will start promptly at 9:30 a.m.
    Runners are encouraged to check-in early to allow time for the body type/composition measurements used in establishing
    each individual's time handicap.
    RESULTS: Results will be posted day-of-race and will be e-mailed (or mailed) to each entrant within a week.
    RACE FEES: Registration is available via the Internet at active.com (key words Mud Creek Crawl), or by sending a check
    or money order payable to: "MUD CREEK CRAWL". Enclose $15.00 for each entry received by September 1; after that date
    and especially on the day of the race, the fee is $20.00 per entry. A ‘prior entry discount’ of $.50 per year raced (up to 8
    years, or $4.00 discount) can be taken by those who have enjoyed this race before; deduct this from your pre-registration
    entry fee if you are eligible (discount not available at active.com or day of race).
    For more information, contact the Race Director at: P. O. Box 1226, Midland, MI 48641-1226
    or call: 989 205-2969 (C) or visit our webpages: www.co.midland.mi.us
    or visit our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/pages/Mud-Creek-Crawl/25578889
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    Bump...only a couple weeks till this event..a great off road race
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  • grum84
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    Figured I would let everyone know in case you didn't get the email. Big House Big Heart 5k/10k run that is usually held at UofM stadium has been cancelled for this coming year.

    This is an excerpt from the long email: "We apologize ahead for a lengthy email. It is with sadness that we announce that University of Michigan Athletics has decided that Big House Big Heart no longer fits into its charitable mission and therefore the race cannot finish in the Big House."

    I was looking forward to participating as a runner, not just a volunteer this year too.
  • courtneymal17
    courtneymal17 Posts: 672 Member
    I know it's more of a national race, but the Color Run will be in Ypsilanti on May 11th. I did it last year in Columbus and it was an amazing time! I'm planning on doing it twice this year--Columbus and Ypsi. It's not timed or really very competitive, so its a good fun one to do with family, kids, or people who aren't sure they can run a whole 5k....a lot of people walk some or all of it. (thecolorrun.com for info).

    I also really liked the Corktown St. Patrick's Day race in Detroit last March. It was my first 5k, so I'm not really sure from a runners perspective of it, but it was fun for me! I also did the Turkey Trot downtown, which...it was a fun atmosphere, but the parking sucked...there was a massive amount of people, and the ending was awful...you could barely move the last quarter of a mile, much less run.

    I also did Race for a cure, which I'm ambivalent about. Obviously its a wonderful cause and the spirit of the day was awesome, but it was VERY unorganized...the race course was different and had different stats for the 1mile walk (which obviously the course is different), but it was also different for the run and the walk (both 5k). It was really hard to tell where to go and it was supposed to be timed which it wasn't. I'd love to do it again as it's a great cause, and it was nice to have live bands and singers along the course...but I *really* hope it's better organized this year.
  • robpett2001
    robpett2001 Posts: 320 Member
    I did the "Run Thru Hell" (in Hell, of course, NW of Ann Arbor) this past August and had a great time. It's an annual race, and has a 10 mile run and a 4.8 mile "weenie run". It's a smaller race and has a nice local feel to it.
  • jeaninemckinney
    I would love to do some kind of run this year!!! Ive never done one and i think it would be an amazing time and im sure i would meet lots of great people! Just feel good about being apart of somethnng!! U r all so great! :-):flowerforyou:
  • allycat5723
    allycat5723 Posts: 189 Member
    I did the "Run Thru Hell" (in Hell, of course, NW of Ann Arbor) this past August and had a great time. It's an annual race, and has a 10 mile run and a 4.8 mile "weenie run". It's a smaller race and has a nice local feel to it.

    I've been wanting to do this run! Perhaps this year :)

    I did the color run in Cleveland last year, planning on the Ypsi run this year as I got to school at Eastern. I also did the Run Wild in Jeddo-out near Port Huron. There were a few other small ones I did that were local. I'm all signed up for the warrior dash this year as well!
  • T1mH
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  • beeblebrox82
    beeblebrox82 Posts: 578 Member
    Signed up for the Tough Mudder tonight! Signing up for the 5/3 25k in GR tomorrow. I must be outside my mind.
  • fleabandit
    Is anyone doing the "Back to the Beach" races at Stoney Creek in May? Great races with part grass, part flat trail and part cement. That one is a blast but sells out quick.
  • deiggam
    deiggam Posts: 2 Member
    Is anyone doing the "Back to the Beach" races at Stoney Creek in May? Great races with part grass, part flat trail and part cement. That one is a blast but sells out quick.

    Yes! I did it last year and have signed up for it again. The half-way party was my favorite! Also, the water stops and cool towels were amazing. It was my first half and I loved it!
  • babyshme
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    Aug 3rd is the Color Run in Grand Rapids.

    Halloween weekend is the Zombie Dash.

    I will post more once I get the flyer.
  • Mtfd02
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    If anybody has race recommendations in Upper Michigan, I'd be especially interested! :smile:

    I will post them on my mfp profile, I'm in Marquette
  • courtneymal17
    courtneymal17 Posts: 672 Member
    Anyone doing the race in Corktown (Det) on March 10? I Signed up yesterday :)
  • beeblebrox82
    beeblebrox82 Posts: 578 Member
    Anybody do the Kent City 15K? Curious how hilly it is.
  • tzig00
    tzig00 Posts: 875 Member
    I'm doing the Grand Rapids Riverbank Run 5K in May and then the colorrun in August. Is there a zombie run in Grand Rapids this year?
  • babyshme
    babyshme Posts: 310 Member
    Zombie run is in GR Halloween weekend.
  • beeblebrox82
    beeblebrox82 Posts: 578 Member
    Wheel Race in Allendale this weekend. Anyone going?

    How bout the River Bank Run in Grand Rapids on May 11th? 15.3 miles... I'm terrified. Gonna try to run it in 2 hours flat.
  • rachelm916
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    Next week is my first half marathon in Lansing. I love the 5/3 River Run, this will be my third year doing the 10K. Lansing is also having a Color Run in July. We did the Warrior Dash in GR last year and it was a blast. Signed up again for this year!