Breastfeeding the over 12 months child

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My son is 13 months and the only times I add (or subtract) my bf calories is when I pump. Though i'm wondering if I should guess better since he still nurses about 7 times per day. What do you do when figuring out your calories. I increased my minimum to 1400 instead of the 1200 mfp suggested and only add in the pumped ounces the few times I pump per week.


  • Summerleahd
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    Mine is 10 months, but I stopped adding the extra calories around the 8 month mark, and just make sure I stay above 1500 cal. I've had no problems.
  • LysieMae
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    How do you count breastfeeding calories? And/or subtract them from your total on here?
  • Regmama
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    I enter mine in under snacks (in the food category). Just type in breastfeeding and there is one option by ounces. That's why I just add the times that I pump since I don't know the ounces otherwise, though based on that, I would venture to say my little guy probably takes in about 20 ounces per day. Since I don't add it, I don't freak out if I go 100 or 200 over my calories for a day since I have my goal set to 1400
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    My daughter is 16mo, and nurses 2x a day currently. I personally am not 100% sure what I should be doing (if anything). I really have no idea how much she nurses. I haven't used a pump in 6mo. I'm eating 1580 calories right now (+/- 100).
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    I'm still nursing my 19 month old, but at is point it's pretty much only at bedtime and if he happens to wake up in the middle of the night (not often). I don't try to account for it since its so little, but whenever he has a day that he feeds much more often, like if he's teething bad or otherwise not feeling well, if he nurses more than 3 times I will normally just allow myself an extra snack and not worry too much about the specific number. If it were still 6 or 7 times per day I'd probably allow around 200-300 extra calories and see how it seemed to work out.
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    How do you count breastfeeding calories? And/or subtract them from your total on here?

    go into the food database and type in "breastfeeding" you'll see several options. Since my son is 9months, I'm only adding an extra 300 cals a day now. But before that you should at least be eating 500 cals. I added a separate section for nursing.

    Sometimes he'll want to nurse more on a day, so if I'm really hungry I'll just eat. I figure its more important to listen to your body while you're varies day by day ya know?
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    I've only been on MFP for a short while. I initially decided to ignore breastfeeding, as my 12month old is eating pretty well. But he is still feeding 2/3 times a day - at bedtime, in the middle of the night and what feels like an hour in the morning! I've gone back to work full time and spending my lunch breaks at the gym - big change and I am sooo tired.

    Anyway - I'm thinking I don't mind going over my daily allowance as calculated by MFP as long as I stay within 500 cal, I should maintain and possibly lose a little. I'll see how I go and keep re-evaluating.
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    I personally don't like it in the food section so I added it as an exercise. I account for using up 300 calories since my 19 mth old is still nursing a minimum of 8 times a day.
  • i read that you burn about 650 calories aday if you exclusivly breastfeed....... and to lose weight you only need to eat 500 more calories then normal so your body will use 150 calories aday from yor fat storage.............