Who is your favorite Biggest Loser?

krysydawn Posts: 231 Member
Who is your all time favorite Biggest Loser!?

I always liked Ali but Oliva is my FAVORITE!!! Shes so amazing!


  • Simona38
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    I LOVE BL!

    My favorite contestants come from season 9. I love Michael and follow him on FB, but I found O'Neill to be SO inspirational! When he bounded up and down the stairs at the finale, I cried!

    This season is a bit blah...Im not finding any of the contestants to be that great. Im not really drawn to any of them. I really liked Ramon at the beginning but after Jess was sent home and he started complaining about being betrayed....that did it for me.
  • This is the first season I've watched ALL episodes and I'm loving it! I'm having a hard time picking a fave. I used to think Ramone was my fave, but yup-he's annoying me too! I don't know, though. He's still encouraging to others (I've always liked that about him). Hmmm.....I'll stick with Ramone for now!
  • baypathgradLyns
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    I just started watching BL last season, and from last season my fav is def Courtney...I just loved her positive attitude!

    From this season, I would have to say my fav so far is Sunny...
  • maura5880
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    Vinny is my fave. He doesn't complain, ***** & moan like almost everyone else on the show does.

    Also, Dolvett is my fave. Yum ;)
  • Moneicalynn
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    I luv BL :) there are to many that have been so great on the show :)
  • dia705
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    I do adore Dolvette as a trainer but still my heart is with Bob.

    Players, I'm actually watching all the biggest loser seasons on netflix at the moment. I'm on episode 40 which I believe is season 3, episode 2. From before I loved Patrick (season 11 I believe?) he was warm and inviting and just great and then as you might see in my icon I tried out for The Biggest Loser and got to meet Austin. I sat and talked with him for a bit and I'm actually going to be interviewing him soon on some things. I learned a lot from him about journaling, sleep, and just balance. Protein/to carb ratio and so fourth. I'm a little over half way through my battle and BLC is how I started this. I'm possibly going to re-up my membership but I wanted to see how this site was. So far I'm very hopeful.

    How about least favorite player, that is the fun one?
  • amybell68
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    My daughter and I love biggest looser!! I have watched it every season my favorite BL is from season 11 Courtney she had a great attitude and I just loved watching her loose the weight!!
  • HeatherR930
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    My favorites this season are John & Becky. I love their attitude, drive, & how encouraging they are to the others...they just seem like really nice people & are working so hard on the show...I think their end results will be remarkable!
  • sarablueskies
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    Tara Costa! she's such a rockstar! i often watch when when she pulled the car with all the extra weight that the guys gave her and beat them all. and then we she came back and did the same challenge against another season's contestants and still won! like i said, rockstar. my eyes may have leaked a little when they showed her finishing the iron man competition on the reunion show last week.
  • Olivia, hands down. She and Hannah were my biggest inspirations to get the 100 pounds I needed to lose off. (Already did that before I joined) I could relate to them so much.
  • tigressmomof5
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    I have only seen the first 2 Seasons of Biggest Loser so far and I would have to say that so far it would have to be Matt from Season 2.