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What do you love about Adelaide?

While we get a lot of slack as the capital city that has nothing to do, I beg to differ! I think Adelaide is super exciting and there's always something fun to do! They don't call us the festival state for nothing! That's why I love Adelaide! How about you? :smile:


  • ElisaRazz
    ElisaRazz Posts: 84 Member
    Rundle Mall, Rundle Street, the beaches, Fringe Festival, my family is there <3
  • MsMonny
    MsMonny Posts: 183
    the fact that you don't have to drive hours from the city to hit the hills and country! Our beaches are absolutely beautiful, the wineries are on our doorstep and our weather is perfect!!
  • RAS10710
    RAS10710 Posts: 53 Member
    I love that when you go out you nearly always see someone you know. Or when meeting new people you have a mutual friend. I know it really means that the world is small but I like it =)
  • missfluffyuk
    I only like the way that you always run into somebody when out and about, and that everybody knows everybody (only because I find that funny).

    I'm actually on board with the "Adelaide is a backwater sleepy country town with nothing to do if you don't want to get drunk and/or have no money"